My name is Debbie. First and foremost, I loath the shortening of my name to “Deb,” however no matter how many people I tell, it never seems to catch on. Case in point – my nickname among California friends is…leDeb.


I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. That’s right. I know you are all remembering that horrible experience of driving down I-80 to Colorado through the desolate landscape, knowing you won’t see another person or town for the next eight hours. I love being from Nebraska. There is something about growing up in Nebraska that produces an undeniable pride, one that has only strengthened the longer I’ve been away.


I left Nebraska for Minnesota to go to college. I intended to be a theater major until I realized play rehearsal would interfere with sorority sponsored social events. This is not a lie. When I found out Saturday rehearsal conflicted with Gopher football – I quit. Only modest regrets…nothing that keeps me up at night.


I graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations and Film Studies. I was going to work in PR for Film Festivals! I became an academic adviser at the U of MN. After two years of brutal winters and sweaty summers, I moved to Los Angeles and took a job advising at Pepperdine. Compared to the U of MN, it was like advising at the Vatican.


Sick of students and their sense of entitlement, I risked all stability and took a job as a seasonal publicity assistant for the Academy Awards. It was the best decision ever except that the economy went to shit. Luckily there was a squabble in the Museum Department, and a disgruntled employee quit – allowing me to swoop in and become the indispensable Academy Museum Project Assistant that I am today.


I have a roommate, I live on the Westside and I take the bus to work.


I am wary of this whole blogging thing.


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  1. stephoh says:

    way to be gung ho!

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