In setting out to describe myself I found it easiest to discuss certain relationships I have which have shaped who I am…prepare yourselves, there are more than three:

       My family, I’m obsessed with them.  I grew up with my dad coaching me in every sport I ever played and now work side by side with him.  My mom taught me that laughing at my dad will give me the most joy out of life and not to take myself too seriously.  And my sister, in the realm of big sisters, is THE BEST.  We both danced, skied, ran track, and went to UW-Madison, we’re ridiculously close.



       My fiancé Ted, I’m obsessed with him.  It really is cliché to say, but I love him more than I love anything.  He is incredibly good looking with a body that stops traffic, at least my car would stop if I saw him on the street.  Sharing the same name as my dad is problematic, we’re working through it in therapy.  He is the wittiest and most even keel person I’ve ever met.  He said to me the other day, “Kirst, you wow me everyday.”  How could I not be obsessed with a red-head who said that?


               My niece Alivia and nephew Jack, I’m learning to be obsessed with them.  I know they are of my blood, and so I am required to think they are the cutest kids ever made, but it’s a more gradual process than automatic.  My niece looks like Suri Cruise, I love that.  My nephew is going to be a head turner, I love that too.  I’m learning VERY quickly how to handle babies, this scares Ted, especially when I say, “I’m so excited for one of these!”  He goes in the other room.



       My dog Missy, I’m OBSESSED with her.  This infatuation goes deep, words are kind of hard to grasp.  I am Missy’s third owner, she is my first dog that ‘I’ own, not my parents.  She doesn’t really listen to me, actually I’m pretty sure when I say “Missy come,” what she says back is, “You’re kidding right?” or “I eat my own shit, I’ll do what I want.”  Gosh, I love her to pieces.


       My best friends, I’m sure you’ve guessed, but I’m obsessed with them.  There are people in your life who just make you happy to be alive, my best friends are these people.  When you have friends that make you laugh until you pee your pants (literally, and not just one time), make you stop crying when you find out a family member has cancer, or gift you Dance Dance Revolution for your Wii because they know how much you’d like it, there are few reasons to be happier about life than that (even though juicy lucys and Mexico beaches rank right up there as well).


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  1. stephoh says:

    awe you’re a wii-tard 🙂

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