My name is Jessica – I’m from Edina, MN and now live about 5 miles away from where I grew up, in South Minneapolis (that’s right, I moved from the suburbs to the BIG CITY). I haven’t been here the whole time though. I went to college at Davidson College in North Carolina where I majored in economics. Upon graduation, with NO desire to enter the “real world” I moved to New Zealand with 2 girlfriends where we worked and played through the country for a year. Now, I’m back, and really happy to be here!

I live with my husband, Dustin – who is really all I have to show from my four years in college considering the only things I participated in while in college involved drinking and/or costumes. I majored in econ, but now work in event production — and I’m not sure if you even need a college degree to do what I do. I love it though and I’m pretty darn good at it.

I have 2 cats, but I’m not like a “cat person” – we only meant to get one, but couldn’t agree on which one to get. We were subbornly standing around the Humane Society for hours, each refusing to put down our cats. And so, now we have Buster and GOB (their names couldn’t describe their personalities better). To this day, I think I’ve only cleaned their litter box once, so I think they are both really Dustin’s cats now.

I love being around people and don’t ever really need alone time. I LOVE organized sports that don’t take a lot of athleticism (especially if they involve chanting/costumes/drinking/themes). I try to make the most of situations because I believe that the here and now is all we have. Not in a depressing way, more in a “you only live once and so you have to make the most of it” way.  

I’m not really clever, or witty, or a good writer so I am incredibly intimidated by this blog. My first few posts might take a couple of cocktails. But, I did this bio sober… so that’s a start. It’s nice to meet you all.


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  1. stephoh says:

    i think all cat people start off as people who say they aren’t like a cat person. jen, would you agree?

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