Photo from one of the many weddings of '08

One of the many weddings of 2008

You know those email chains that your friends send you and it lists a slew of questions that the sender answered, then you are supposed to answer those questions and send it to all of your friends, including the person that sent it to you?  Well, a few years ago my friend Mary filled one out and sent it to me.  One of the questions on the list was, “What do you admire most about your friends?”   She said, “Kari, for the good head on her shoulders.”  That was one of the nicest compliments that I’ve ever received.  She did name a few other friends in her answer and their admirable qualities, but those escape me at the moment ;).  Anyway, I found some of those surveys online, and figured that choosing a few questions and answering them would be an interesting/differnt way to write my bio.  With that being said, below are some random facts.  ENJOY







Q: Ever been in a car wreck?                                              

A: Mostly just fender benders, knock on wood

Q: What did you dream last night?                                       

A: Something about cooking, which I rarely do  

Q: Who is the person you can count on the most?                  

A: Lots of people, luckily

Q: What is your favorite alcoholic drink?                              

A: Miller Lite, hands down

Q: Non alcoholic drink?                                                      

A: Diet Coke

Q: What would your last meal be before getting executed?    

A: Cheeseburger from 112 Eatery   

Q: What song do you want played at your funeral?                

A: Something in the Way She MovesJames Taylor

Q: Beatles or Stones?                                                          

A: Beatles

Q: Do you have any phobias?                                               

A: Knocking out my front teeth

Q: What’s the most you have spent for a haircut?                   

A: $45 – not bad in my book

Q: What is your favorite Holiday?                                         

A: St. Patrick’s Day

Q: Have you ever caught a fish?                                          

A: No.  Never plan to either.

Q: Are you a good tipper?                                                   

A: I’d like to think so.  20%, right?  

Q: Biggest pet peeve?                                                         

A: Same-siders – when a couple at a restaurant sits on the same side the table


2 responses »

  1. leDeb says:

    Same Siders!! I cringe every time I see this now. Hahahaha!

  2. biguinberlin says:

    Oh WIERD…I have a phobia about knocking out my front teeth, too! My neighbor when I was 8 fell off her bike outside my house, and came and rang our doorbell holding her bloody front teeth in her palm. Ever since then, when I slip or trip, my first response is to cover my teeth rather than try to catch myself.

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