Since the beginning, my peers have referred to me as being “weird”.  I now realize what a compliment this was and embrace my weirdness every day.  It’s too daunting to start at the beginning and stop at the end when it comes to my history, so I will provide some odds and ends (working with the weird theme).



My Odds:

I’m between religions at the moment, but firmly believe that quantum physics, auras and energies are driving our desires and interactions every day.

(Random Note: In the last few years I have wanted to keep a journal… for whatever reason, I have failed to do this so I am ecstatic to write in the this blog surrounded by brilliant females.)

More Odd:

My parents were twenty-six years apart in age.  I say “were” because my mom is now happily remarried to a large Norwegian man.  This does not upset me.  I have been waiting for the last couple of years for my mom to fulfill her goal to move to Norway and be with her husband.  This has not happened.  In the meantime, I fell for a groomsman at a wedding (I was a bridesmaid), and now I live with him in the mile high city.

Odd Tidbits:

My first job was at Victoria’s Secret Bath & Fragrance, where I was forced to wear a hot pink satin robe and massage lotion onto the hands of customers.  I was fourteen and had braces.  When I was fifteen and still had braces, I tried out for Wheel of Fortune with my mom at Mall of America.  We somehow got on the show and I was ready to win big, but it didn’t happen for me. In fact, all I won was a hot pink Conair curling iron.  I did manage to shout at Pat Sajak that “I LOVE to sing!”.  He invited me to sing right then and there… I didn’t.  I’m starting to feel like Chunk from the Goonies, rattling off every embarrassing memory chronologically.  

(Moving on)

The Ends:

The end of my confusion about my career ended two years ago when I was working in a Chiropractic clinic and became more than inspired to help people feel better.  I am now officially a science nerd, and I love it!  Prior to this epiphany, I managed to officially change my major over six times.  It was an interesting journey.  Which brings me to my next ‘end’, which was the end of my partying.  In college I ran around drunk (in sweatpants sometimes), perfecting the art of day drinking and a million other “arts”.  After a successful career, I finally retired from it all about two years ago.  It was an amazing decision that has given me more freedom to get what I want out of this crazy trip.  I still love to party, but now it involves red bull and being able to remember all the funny shit that happened the night before.

(Last Random Notes:  I love road trips, scrabble, Kombucha tea, dogs, cats, squirrels [you would hate driving behind me], mountains {this is a new one}, drama, staying up late, eating a really big bowl of ice cream when no one is looking, harry potter, mystic tanning, cooking with garlic, video games, alone time, and falling asleep outside on the grass, and morning sex)











 ~Jenny (and Mr. Frinkles)



3 responses »

  1. Laci K says:

    your chunk comment made me laugh out loud! i don’t know you, sorry if i’ve met you here and forgotten (it’s entirely possible, i have a bad memory for a good reason you can likely imagine), but we should catch up somewhere a mile high, over coffee or cocktails . . . lk

  2. jennymarieanderson says:

    I don’t think we have met – but it’s possible that I have forgotten too! You have met my significant other though, Steph let me know…. Anywho, we should totally do coffee or cocktails! I am out of town this weekend, which means too much studying this week. How about next week?! And by the way, significant other is such a weird title. As if I am the most significant and he is the “other” significant one.

  3. Kirsey says:

    Hey Jen, I thought your mom and her husband both lived in MN? Am I just crazy and he lives in Norway? How could I have messed this up?!?!?! I also thought you got a pink blow dryer, I’ve been telling people the wrong thing for YEARS! What is wrong with me?!?!

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