Well, I’m here! I know you all have been anxiously awaiting my arrival to the virtual world of communication. My name is Heather, however sometimes I go by Veronica or Nancy depending on the ultra ego state of mind I am in. Thoughts and ideas travel through my head literally at the speed of light and it is wonder I can even speak in clear sentences, haha.. so just go with it.

I am the kind of person that wears my life and passions on my sleeve. When I am infatuated or curious about something everyone around me knows about it. Saying that, my mom always laughs and tells me that when I was born I came out so fast it seemed as though the doctor was catching a football. He looked up at her and said “Wow, this one seems as though she is excited about life and I think she is going to be a football fan.” Well, I wish I knew where Mr. Doctor was now because I would call him and tell him he could potentially have a career in fortune telling.

I was born wearing a Vikings helmet, both to prove my love of the game and for my own protection. I think orange is simply the most fascinating color there is. My favorite shade of orange is the color that comes off the flames of a fire, right after that bright blue. I am currently working on my out-patient rehab program from my drug of choice: Ketchup. I am a sucker for a big buff cowboy in a pick-up truck. I secretly turn on the Country Music videos at night and become so involved in some of the songs that I find myself either crying, laughing or dancing in my mirror performing for a live audience. I have a top 5 celebrity pick of men who I think I could realistically one day meet and become involved with, two of which are Brian Austin Green and John Stamos. I still have my very first stuffed animal, Thumper, and he has acted as my therapist for years. I am a Development & Marketing Coordinator for a non-profit and am just recently pondering the corporate world. The legendary music of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson are just a few of the things that make my world go round.


My parents own a dance company named Ballet Minnesota. I spend a lot of my time working with it and I have created a second family out of the people who are involved there. Saying that my mom and my dad are my heros, you should want to meet them! My brother Richard is just simply a rock star.

My family and friends surprise me everyday and I strongly believe that life is to short not to tell the people around you that you love them. And yes, I am that girl that still believes in fairy tales. I am not talking white horse and glass slippers here people (even though it took me years to figure that out). I just mean ‘to each their own’. Everyone has their own idea of happily ever after and as long as you give yourself a fair chance to achieve that (without settling) you are living your fairytale.

I am jazzed about being part of this blog with such amazing people. Its on like Donkey Kong (Yeah, I said it..what!)

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Unknown


3 responses »

  1. Peggy Doll says:

    Beautiful bio of a beautiful woman. You’re absolutely right about fairytales. This is coming from your aunt who is living her own every single day! Love you!!

  2. biguinberlin says:

    I’m starting to come around to your fairy tale stuff…I’ve been feeling pretty Cinderella lately!

  3. Kirsey says:

    You rock my world, wish I got to see you more. I think Steph should come in town more often, not that we can’t hang out without her!

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