I just came across this and almost peed my pants.  I just wanted everyone to have a few gasps of joy this Monday of Oct. 6th.  Unexplainable is my personal favorite.  Water ballon toss reminds me of Steph.

And I need a new outlook on Sundays.  I am beginning to think my weekend is only one day long because I get so anxious when Sunday comes along knowing Monday is a few short hours away.  How can I get Depression Sundays out of my life????


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  1. mplsheather says:

    Oh, haven’t we all been there! The Sunday blues. I used to get them more often when I first jumped into the real world of work and career! But I still have my random Sunday’s where the following Monday feels like the first day of school.

    Try this: pick an activity you have always wanted to try (belly dancing is my personal favorite) and do it on Sundays. That way you will be looking forward to Sundays. If that fails, become a raging football fan and drink beer until you fall asleep Sunday night.. haha.

    Oh, p.s., you know we can hang out without Steph (as much as I love you Stephie). Just let me know when and where. Ta ta

  2. biguinberlin says:

    Oh, man, that just made my Hump Day! “Pikachu’s vagina”…oh my God.

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