I am obsessed with the current presidential campaign. Obsessed to the point where it irritates me and I have to put a cap on how many blogs/opinion pieces/comments I read because I tend to get angry. Angry at ignorance. It is no secret that I am liberal to the core, especially when it comes to social issues such as the environment, gay rights and especially women’s rights. So you can only imagine how offended I am that Sarah Palin is on any ticket this year.

(*I realize that all of us involved in this awesome blog project may not be on the same page politically. It is never my intention to offend, but I will say how I feel.)

Alas. The subject of this post is not Palin. I am an ardent supporter of self-education when it comes to politics. I would like to introduce you to a web site which I find helpful for sorting out what is true and what is false in this increasingly negative campaign. It is a non-partisan, non-profit site that fact checks all claims made by all candidates. I encourage you to learn! Be an active voter! Be excited! Most importantly, be present on November 4th.



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  1. Kirsey says:

    I love this website, thanks for sharing. I am happy to say we are in fact kindred spirits regarding politics. For a while I had the goal of complete an utter destruction of Sarah Palin, it has died down…a little. I also respect others opinions but I love sites such as these that both sides can read and not get pissed off about. THANKS!

  2. stephoh says:

    Ok two comments

    1) Me: dressed in German outfit, white tights, feet up on neighboring bar stool, James Beach telling old dude: suit, red wine, employed by Annenberg foundation how cool I thought Annenberg is. He was surprised (no surprise) that I knew what Annenberg was, I was like, “Dude, factcheck.org rocks and you guys basically pay my salary at a nonprofit–you should come to our fundraiser.” Ugh, embarrassing.

    2) When John McCain was interviewed by NPR last week, Steve Inskeep (Morning Edition Correspondent) pointed out fallibility with McCain’s negative campaign ads, specifically one that asserts that Senator Obama supported sex education for elementary school students. Inskeep sights factcheck.org as a source. John McCain said: “It [Anti-Obama ad] is factually correct, it’s absolutely factually correct.” He continues: “I’m proud of the campaign we are running, the ads are factually correct. And if someone named factcheck.org or anybody else doesn’t agree with it, I respectfully disagree with their conclusions.” Um, McCain (pardon the French) Factcheck.org isn’t just “someone” it’s a FUCKING nonpartisan, nonprofit funded by the Annenberg Foundation program. You [McCain] don’t know what it is? Holy Shit! He [McCain] actually concluded the interview directing fact seekers to his own sight for information about Obama’s policies. Right. Sure.

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