What Stephy said:

Edina grad ’00, U of M grad (via Miami of Ohio) ’04. Lives in MPLS.  My oldest friend and partner in many a crimes including running away to New Zealand.  Abby has some bullshit job she’s trying to get out of selling condos or something.  She is a talented chef and food critic.  I’m hoping, among other things, her blogs occasionally include food thoughts. Also, her boyfriend is in police academy and has a very anecdotal job as a St Louis Park officer.

Additional info from yours truly (abby binder):

It is true, I do have a job that I don’t love, leasing apartments. Lately I am realizing how lucky I am to even have a JOB!  And I am pretty sure that this is the worst time in American history to be looking for something new.  On that note, if anyone knows anyone who is hiring an extremely organized and slightly annal-retentive event planner, marketing guru, PR giant, etc, send them my way!

I do love food.  Some might say that I am slightly obsessed with the whole food world!  I tend to stay away from the label “foodie” as I have been told by a few of my chef friends that it is a little pretentious and lame.  More on food later, promise Stephy.

Another fun aspect of me is that I love competition.  Whether it is a round of Pictionary, a simple game of H-O-R-S-E (which i am HORRIBLE at), or flip cup, I usually get accused of being the “Game Nazi.”  I have been working on my intensity level and think that I am almost at the point where I can play games with strangers/new friends/family members and not scare them away or create a hostile environment!

I couldn’t probably go on for a novel or two about all my weirdness, but I will save you all and stop there.  One more thing, I really like to use exclamation points!!!  If you think that I am over using them in my posts, deal with it!!!

Let me know if anyone out there has questions.


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  1. stephoh says:

    no name, no photo? who are you?

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