I very well might be the only person writing on this blog that leans more to the right than to the left.  In fact, lately I feel like I’m the only person in my group of friends/age group/Minneapolis/universe that tends be more conservative than liberal.  But I think that is okay – how boring would it be if we all felt the same about everything, agreed about all things political… What would people talk/argue/debate about every four years?  More importantly, what sort of advertisements would our favorite televisions be filled with every four years until November?  Probably more Sonic ads (which really bother me because I think they are so funny, and I want to go there but there none near me – I think the closest one is in Iowa).   

Back to the point.  Just like my fellow blogmate – leDeb – I think this election is extremely interesting for so many reasons, most of which are obvious (possibly a President that is not white, possibly a VP that is not a dude, and on and on).  Although I will be voting with the GOP this election – and most likely every election thereafter- I’m excited to see the results, no matter what the outcome. 


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  1. Kirsey says:

    There is a Sonic in Elk River and I think one in Shakopee too. WAY closer than Iowa, and they are REALLY GOOD!

  2. leDeb says:

    KJH! I couldn’t agree more! Except the GOP part, but what IS the point if everyone always agrees.

    Plus, it makes for excellent conversations.

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