On where to start this post I am not really sure .  I’m going to get right out there and ask you about abortion.  Yes, that ugly word so many people fight over: is it right, is it wrong, is it a choice, is it a life, is it the next president, is it the next serial killer, is it a reason to vote for Obama or for McCain?  To each their own, really, but I am here to ask if the Republican moto is for less government control over your life, how in the world are they anti-choice (and I say this instead of pro-life, because I really believe everyone is pro-life , we aren’t a bunch of baby killers because we believe in a choice)?  How can a man (El Presidente) who has never and will never be in the position of being in labor, accidentally getting knocked up, or being raped by his uncle named Joe, be in a position to dictate that the government should have control of those situations?  I DO NOT GET IT!  It goes against all the “STAY OUT OF MY LIFE AND AWAY FROM MY HARD EARNED MONEY” jargen. 

And my last point, once again I need a little clarification on this last point.  Even if the right believes that all babies should be born, whether the mother’s life is in jeapardy or not, where are these right believers after that precious child is born?  Aren’t those the same people who don’t believe in welfare?  Am I wrong, because correct me if I am wrong?  But if we aren’t willing to have higher taxes, because heaven forbid higher taxes, then how are we going to pay for the unplanned pregnancies that my 15 year old cousin has but isn’t allowed to have an abortion (this is hypothetical, no one in my family would dare have sex before age 16, we’d go to hell).  Where’s the support after the baby pops out?  Where’s the health care for that little bundle of [money draining] joy?


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  1. mplsheather says:

    WOW! You need to publish this opinion in a newspaper! I agree!

  2. leDeb says:


    It’s an open letter from a clinical psychologist to her bishop. It echos your last thoughts about what does happen once the child is born.

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