On Sunday night, I was listening to a story on MPR about college students working on presidential campaigns.  The focus of the story was about a girl who has dedicated countless hours on registering her fellow co-eds to vote.

Side note: It is fact that 18 to 30 year-olds are notorious from staying away from the polls, which still boggles my mind since almost all of the issues facing graduates are decided by the government-taxes, health care/insurance, jobs, etc. I DON’T GET IT!

This young woman was at a tailgate before a Penn State football game and was encouraging people to register and also stop by the Obama tailgate area.  She boldly approached a group of body-painted boys who had just finished a mid-morning wrestle, and asked them if they had already registered.  She also mentioned that the Obama tailgate area had NFL alumni signing autographs and they should stop by.  The leader of the pack boldly answered, “Come here, look at this.”  He shoved his cell phone in her face.  What came next makes me sick to my stomach, literally.  Playing on his phone was a dancing Obama that transitioned to a dancing monkey.  He then yelled, “You see this, this is what we fucking think about Obama in Pennsylvania! Get the fuck out of HERE!”

Unaffected, the girl moved on to another group and continued her mission of bringing change to this horribly fucked up world.  Sad.


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  1. ReyMac says:

    Ignorance and fear.
    This is why Jesus said turn the other cheek.
    It is why Gandhi fought by not fighting.
    It’s why King taught kill them with kindness.
    The boys who said that were scared – of their own insecurity, their own smallness, their inability to cope with who they are.
    That young woman is answering the question WWJD? Teach, share, move on.
    Bless her.

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