Yeah that’s right.  It’s that time of year when things start to freeze and Missy my SHIT-zoo starts finding “poop”sickles all over the yard.  Being the responsible owner that I am, I don’t do a lot of pooper scooping, it’s just not really my thing.  We typically take Missy for walks and pick up her shat in small bags so the backyard stays fairly shat-less.  However, it really never fails, each late fall, that little SHIT finds her frozen SHIT and thinks playing with it is the most fun she has ever had!  She grabs it, throws it up in the air with her mouth, runs after it, rolls on it, and the fun continues.  Especially when I start to run after her yelling, “Missy, you drop that poop or I’ll…I’ll…I DON’T KNOW, DROP THE POOP!”  The more I run, the more fun she has and the more quickly she starts CHEWING!  Then Ted gets so mad at me because I’m laughing so hard I pee my pants.  He isn’t laughing, not even a little.


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