My new friend-crush, Amy, took me to see Jenny Lewis tonight at the Orpheum in downtown Los Angeles.  I love Jenny.  Her new album Acid Tongue has been in my heavy rotation ever since I stopped forcing my inten to play it on repeat and just downloaded it myself already. 


This was definitely the best concert I’ve been to since Sufjan Stevens about a year and a half ago.  Jenny has so much soul. God, there’s no way to say that without being cheesy, is there?  Anyway, she played all my favorites, Rise Up With Fists, The Charging Sky, Jack Killed Mom, Acid Tongue, Under the Blacklight, etc etc.   There was one annoying conflict with a concert-goer who wanted to shake her moneymaker all up in the way.  Audience in rows T-W were none too pleased. Minor altercation. Moneymaker bailed after tears and failed boyfriend crowd smoothing only to miss–on Ms. Lewis’s request–the entire crowd rising and shake shake shaking away. Gotta go with the flow, man.

This is a different live show, but you get the picture. She’s so damn good!


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