I learned about “Cha-Cha” from my family — who are all obsessed with it. It’s actually become a verb around the Forsberg household. Some of you may know of it and use it often, if you don’t… you will now!


I thought Google text messages were a great idea when I learned about them a couple of years ago. You can text basic words to g-o-o-g-l-e and instantly get back results for no charge besides the cost of a text message. I travel a lot for work, so some google texts that I used to send a lot were:


“weather [zip code]”

“[MN sports team] score”

“Pizza delivery [zip code]”

… just to name a few.



Cha-Cha takes this to the next level. It works the same way as Google text, but you can ask anything because rather than going to a computer driven search engine, your text messages are actually going to a person who is sitting at their computer and will research the answer for you. This way, you don’t just get a link or general information — you can actually get exactly the answer you need. I haven’t ever used this in a time of dire need or panic, but it’s a fun way to settle debates, fill-in idle time or, just remember the name of a movie that’s on the tip of your tongue! Here are some text questions and answers from cha-cha.


Q: Is Anderson Cooper gay?

A: Anderson Cooper was ranked #2 among “The Most Powerful Gay Men & Women in America” by Out Magazine in May 2007 but he is not.


Q: What are the largest three lakes wholly within the US?

A: There’s Lake Michigan, Lake Okeechobee which is a freshwater lake in Florida and Iliamna Lake which is in Alaska. ChaCha on!


Q: Why do balls itch?

A: There could be several causes of an itchy scrotum. Some include fungus, hygiene issues or an allergy. You might have it checked.


Q: What were the most popular baby names in 2007?

A: The most popular baby names in the year 2007 were Jacob & Emily. Thanks for using ChaCha!


Q: Is it better to vote FOR the person you want to win, or AGAINST the person that you really don’t want to win?

A: I understand how you feel. I think it’s always best to vote for who you want to be in office. President, Senate, or otherwise. Thanks!


Q: What are your three favorite movies?

A: The Hills Have Eyes, Saw I, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. ChaCha for now!


Q: What do bald men put in the hair section of their driver’s licenses?

A: Some states have an option to put bald or none.


Q: What is this quote from: “Hey, don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.”

A: That quote is from Woody Allen in Annie Hall.


Q: What is a gooch?

A: Gooch, A.K.A. “grundle” is the area that attaches ones sac to ones butt-hole. ChaCha 4 now!


Q: Is Anderson Cooper Gay?

A: No one knows even though there have been so many comments that point to YES. Have a good day!


Try it! Text ChaCha (242242).

If you try it – post your question and answer in the comments section to share!


6 responses »

  1. Kirsey says:

    I wrote: “Does your absentee vote count if you die before election day?” I asked this because I was wondering if Obama’s Grandma’s vote would count since she passed away yesterday, I thought that was terribly sad.
    They responded: “Oregon counts ballots no matter what happens to the voter. But in South Dakota, if you die before the election, so does your vote.”
    Love it Jess, had no idea how to ChaCha!

  2. stephoh says:

    q: do left-handed people make better lovers?
    a:Through the duration of my life, I have been told that left handed individuals make better lovers. ChaCha!

    q:What is the number one thing people want to do before they die?
    a:A lot of people try to see the world or a specific place they have always wanted to visit.

    q: who is Steph Opitz?
    a:Steph Opitz is 26 years old, lives in Venice, CA and has the enviable ability to ride a bicycle while wearing a dress. ChaCha!

    holy shit.

  3. mplsheather says:

    THIS IS AMAZING INFORMATION! Thank you! I almost feel bad for the poor people that are on the receiving end of my texts! I have already sent this information on to a lot of people in my email list!

  4. mplsheather says:

    Steph, did they really say that about you riding a bike????

  5. stephoh says:

    yep. i got skillz yo.

  6. Kirsey says:

    Q: Who is Kirsten Brinkman?
    A: Kirsten is 17 years old and from Arlington, Washington. Her current mood is pathetic. She attends Weston High Shool, Cha Cha On!

    I suck!

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