Halloween…. I know it’s over but I’m still seeing flashes of slutty girls in my mind.  Yeah, yeah, for those of you who know me, I sound like a complete hypocrite as I used to be one of those admired women of honor.  And now I’ve found them to be women of horror, or just whores.  The reason I bring this up is to just shout out one giant complaint: “Your slutty outfits make women look like they are all DYING to be prostitutes or sex slaves!  And one day of the year, you turn your body into an object!”  I’m angry because I think of what people would say if the situation were reverse.  If men collectively dressed as Fabios and Hot Chippendales, and Thunder down under guys, what would we say???  I think we’d say they are all desperate for attention, desperate for “love” and worst of all: those aren’t very good costumes (with exception to exhibit A:

creative man slut

creative man slut

This year I was a very happy Italian man named Mario for Halloween.  As in the famous racing game, Mariokart.  I was outraged when all my attempts to be unsexy failed due to a wardrobe malfunction.  In attempt to make a tiny pot belly, I accidentally placed it too high and it became one giant uni-boob.  I didn’t think anything of this (and was unaware), until a man came over to me and said ashamedly, that he and his friends had been talking about Mario’s giant tits all night.  HELP!  How can this madness stop!  I would like to hear your opinion in the form of a poll:

Happy voting!  You all did such a great job November 4th 😉

Much love and many apologies for the procrastination,


unsexy costume attempt


2 responses »

  1. Kirsey says:

    Jen, it does look like a uni-boob, that can’t be denied, but I am loving your costumes, so creative. Only good thing about slutty costumes is laughing at the people wearing them!

  2. stephoh says:

    Way to up the ante on interactive media in your posts!

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