I LOVE TV.  And unfortunately, that means I like some reality shows, too.  I freely admit that many time I’ve felt embarrassed for knowing certain things about ‘celebrities’ – I use that term lightly since there are many people that are considered celebrities that shouldn’t be, aka Brody Jenner, Kim Kardashian, any of the Girls Next Door… I could go on and on.  Here is my point – ABC just aired the first episode of this season of The Bachelor.  I got sucked in. BIG TIME. 


Yes, I watched as Deanna broke Jason’s heart on last season’s The Bachelorette, and yeah, wasn’t that amped that Jason – Deanna’s reject – was going to be the new Bachelor.  So I didn’t have high expectations – nor did I program my DVR for it because it interfered with two other shows that I’m already recording (How I Met Your Mother and some other show that I can’t remember right now).  But as soon as I watched the first 20 minutes, I was in reality-TV-train-wreak-heaven!!!!   I just couldn’t look away. 


Highlights that made me laugh out loud:


Vision Boards Renee – one of the ladies was a complete nutjob.  She’s a 36 year old woman who makes vision boards, which is just another term for a collage.  You know, when you cut out words from a magazine and photos of models and clothes  you like and the glue them to a poster board… you know, those things you used to make, like when you were 10 years old.  Maybe 11 years old.  Yep, that type of collage.  She’s 36!  And she calls them ‘vision boards’!   She feels that her vision boards are really helpful and will help her point her life if the right direction.  What??!!??  She clearly didn’t get a rose


Stalker Shannon – This girl took Jason aside and started grilling him about his life, well, more like telling him about his life.  She, no joke, memorized Jason’s Myspace page and was pretty much repeating every single fact she knew.   She kept saying, ‘I’m really not a stalker.’  Ah, yeah Shannon, I think you are – total stalker.  The topper – she started talking to him about his brother’s girlfriend, whose name happens to be Shannon!  What a coincidence!!!!  This one – she got a rose, but I expect that she will only be kept around for a few more episodes. Purely for audience entertainment.


I-Know-Her-From-Somewhere Nikki – Nikki, she got the first impression rose, but I swear I’ve seen her on another reality show.  Anyone else recognize her?  I’m such a nerd.


Dirty Mouth Megan – The producers decided to throw in a little twist the first night.  They let all the ladies vote for the bachelorette that they most wanted to NOT get a rose and be sent home.  And Megan got the most votes.  Turns out that meant that she got to stay.  Curveball!  Well, the reason that Megan probably got the most votes, is because she has the mouth of sailor.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all prim and proper; I do my fair share of swearing.  But Megan, WOW.  She dropped the f-bomb at least 5 times during their evening (and this is just what was shown on TV) and then called all the other girls a-holes for voting for her during the rose ceremony.   Classy. I’m sure Jason was impressed.


I know, I know – who cares about The Bachelor!  But it is a guilty pleasure that I love to indulge, and I’ll be indulging every Monday at 7pm CST on ABC. 




4 responses »

  1. Kirsey says:

    I hate the bachelor/bachelorette, but get sucked in every season, it’s something I can’t control. I totally missed the premiere, thanks for filling me in, we’ll have much to reminisce about each week!

  2. leDeb says:

    When I first started reading this post, I honestly thought you were going to talk about the Rock of Love Bus. He he he.

  3. Ab says:

    The show is horrible and pathetic, but SO addicting! Great post Kari.

  4. stephoh says:

    Ok, I’m getting sucked in to American Idol as we speak. And, last night I walked past the bachlor while I was cleaning…I heard a girl grilling, I mean reporting to, the bach about his life, and I was like “stalker shannon!”

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