As I’m sure you’re learning I totally dork out, easily.  Today’s news that Cuba has decided to allow electronic access to many of Ernest Hemmingway’s documents (including notes and revisions to his work For Whom the Bell Tolls) has got me high on nerd.  Hemmingway has been someone I’ve studied extensively throughout grad school, spent a lot of time thinking about as a child in the Florida Keys (he is kind of a landmark in and of himself in Key West), and fact drop irrelevantly at parties.  Hemmingway’s notes and writings are of particular interest because quite a bit of his earlier work was lost.  His wife, Hadley (he was married quite a few times), wanted to surprise him while he was vacationing in, I want to say, Switzerland.  She brought a suitcase of all his writings (which was a significant amount) he had left at home (carbon copies and originals) in a suitcase which was stolen on her train trip there.  I mean, can you imagine what was in there? This was right before he wrote The Sun Also Rises!  In all of his autobiographical writings from then on out he references the trauma from that incident.


Needless to say, I might not get any work done today.


Way to go Cuba.


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  1. leDeb says:

    Nerds unite! I almost asked for “The 8o Years of Oscar” for Christmas…even though we have office copies, I wanted one for my own.

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