I always dread going to the gym after New Year’s.  The damn New Year’s Resolutioners (not sure if that is a word, Stephy?) flood the place and are very oblivious to the unspoken gym rules.  After doing some research, here are a some of the more popular “rules”:

1) When checking in at the gym counter, have your membership card out and ready to be swiped.  They do it EVERYTIME you enter the club, FYI.

2) If you are attending a class for the  first time, maybe try standing towards the back?  Attempting to concentrate on the moves is difficult if you can’t keep a beat!  (Sorta mean, but very true)

3) Be considerate. If you are done with a machine, get your stuff off of it, clean it and leave the area. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that people are trying to better themselves.  Unfortunately, once February 1st roles around, most of the Resolutioners disappear until January 2nd of the following year!


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  1. stephoh says:

    4) feel free to walk around the locker room naked, but don’t sit down on the public benches that I like to sit on (clothed) to put my shoes on.

    5) Don’t set your makeup in one of the mirror/hairdryer areas to hold your spot while you shower

    6)If you’re a grunt-while-you-lift type of person, perhaps you should turn down your headphones so you can gauge your noise level adequately.

  2. Kirsey says:

    7. Don’t give nasty looks if people try and rotate in on your exercise equipment. It’s really quite easy to move the stick from 15 lbs. to 25 lbs. for the tricep machine.

    8. If you are changing at your locker, don’t take up the space next to the consecutive 812 lockers, people may be trying to get to their belongings as well. Again, no nasty looks either.

    9. Smile at new people, it makes everyone feel better!

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