Dear Valentines,

Here is your playlist.  The reason I directed you to this website to find it is twofold:  I’m lazy and I’m recruiting.  

The lazy part is that 1) I don’t have a printer set up for my new computer [a mac! Whoop whoop! Always thought I was a PC], 2) I didn’t feel I had the time to do this at work [by “this” I mean, like, type and print and deal and shit], and, 3) in years past, when I’ve mailed everyone elaborate rhyming incorporative collages with song titles, I’ve given myself the impression that I’m loosing my mind.  

So, that leads me to the point about recruiting.   Some gals and I started this blog, RockJuice.  The purpose (at least on my end) was to vent/pontificate/review/have a place for email forwards rather than my inbox/and so forth—I really like the idea of reading  blogs but have had a hard time finding a blog that keeps my attention due to relevance, taste, and personality of other bloggers.   Those of us that started out here at Rockjuice felt pretty ambitious about posting at least twice a month but have since fallen off the train.  I check the blog pretty often and would love to have more people chiming in.  If you feel in anyway like contributing to this blog, please let me know.  There are no parameters write as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, talk about your day, a movie you saw, repost something you saw elsewhere, really, I don’t care—I would just rather read something that has ties to the people I’m interested in then some anonymous bullshit on the world wide web.  You can post whenever you want you just have to create an account, I can show you how, it’s really easy.  It’s solely for selfish purposes that I want you to contribute; I like being distracted from work without the requirement of having to email or facebook.  Help a sista out.

Oh, and a note about the mix, it has for some reason a balance of breakup and makeup songs. That is pure chance. I’m not sending subliminal messages for you to break up or make up with a significant other.

Without further ado, your playlist, ladies….

1. Everyone Needs an Editor~Mates of State

2. Raw Sugar~Metric                                               

3. Anything You Want~Spoon                       

4. 5 Years Time~Noah and the Whale                                               

5. A-Punk~Vampire Weekend                                               

6. Dy-na-mi-te~Ms. Dynamite                                               

7. Cobrastyle~Robyn                                               

8. Guilty As Charged~Gym Class Heroes                                               

9. Purple Haze~Groove Armada                                               

10. LK~DJ Marky, Stamina MC & XRS                                               

11. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me~The Pipettes                                               

12. Breakin’ Up~Rilo Kiley

13. D******d~Kate Nash                                               

14. Here Come the Girls~Ernie K. Doe                                               

15. The Fear~Lily Allen                                               

16. Overkill~Men At Work                                               

17. Traffic Light~The Ting Tings                                               

18. Throwing My Arms Around Paris~Morrissey                                               

19. Can You Tell~Ra Ra Riot                                               

20. It Must Be Love~Labi Siffre                                               

21. Gone in the Morning~Newton Faulkner                                               

22. Big Girls Don’t Cry~Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (I know this one seems random, but I saw Jersey Boys a few weeks ago [Jersey Boys is similar to Mama Mia, in that it uses hit songs from a particular band, but different in that it doesn’t suck ass and/or allow Meryl Streep the opportunity to rock, or not, camel toe in denim overalls {side confession: this Mama Mia dis is only at the movie as, alas, I have yet to see the stage show}] and I’m totally obsessed with Frankie Valli right now.)                                               



6 responses »

  1. Kirsey says:

    Love the mix, just waiting to listen to it! I’m a little dissapointed that Just Dance by my Lady Gaga didn’t make the cut, I was pretty confident it would, but I’ll get over it. Love you, love v-day because of you!

  2. Melissa says:

    Steph, I like the mix. Thanks for sharing the love through music. As far as blogs go, I also love reading them. And reading peoples comments about them. I’m just not sure if I have much to contribute. Unless…I did a daily blog about what I was cooking. Hmm, thats an idea. What it was, how I made it, what I thought, what Aric thought, what I would do differently next time, if I would make it again.

    Thanks for the CD. You’re the best.

  3. Ab says:

    LOVE THE CD!!! Thanks again Stephy for always sharing the lovin.

  4. Jess says:

    Steph – I am listening to the mix for the first time now (I have been out of town for the last 10 days) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! I’m also pretty sure Dustin will be even more obsessed with it than I am! Kicking it off with Mates of State was such a great call. Whenever I hear their voices, I get a smile on my face. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Haley says:

    Thanks for the annual Vday CD – I love that I had to come to this blog to find the playlist; what a nice little treat this world you have online is!

    Thanks again – LOVE YOU,

  6. GDawg says:

    Wow – I am:
    A. so impressed by this website
    and B. so impressed by this years’ mix. (Editor – did I use the s and ‘ correctly?)
    You are so cool. Hmmmm…what to contribute to the blog…..maybe I could shamelessly plug my website. it’s a start…..
    Love you! G.

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