Hello All! I’m so excited to be a part of this witty, intelligent, and silly group of ladies and share our thoughts. Stephy–thanks not only for recruiting me, but also for the incredibly kind words you used to describe me. You are right that yes, my law degree is a J.D. (juris doctor–translates doctor of law)…weird.

Okay, so I have nothing too profound or funny to share for my first post…just some random thoughts.  So…here it goes:

1) I made meatballs for the first time in my life on Monday.  Lately, I have been watching McD’s or BK commercials and have DESPERATELY wanted a Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Whooper, etc.  Please keep in mind that I have not eaten a hamburger or any variation since my mid-teens…I would say for about 11 years or so.  So, I listened to my body and its apparent protein cravings…I found a recipe for homemade spagetti with TURKEY meatballs, went to Lund’s and bought the goods, set up shop at my parent’s house, and prepared the 3 of us a lovely meal of spagetti with turkey meatballs, bread, and salad. Not to toot my own horn, but I must say, it was very good. And the meatball making part was quite satisfying.  And i made so much food that I have been eating my meal for days.  I felt proud–not only due to my masterful creation, but also because I was sure my burger cravings would be gone. But no.  Last night, when I was watching the season premiere of “The Real Housewives of NYC”, another Big Mac commercial came on and the familiar feeling of want and desire overcame me once again. Then my mouth started salvating. I did not cure myself.  Now lies the question:  Do I just drive to McD’s and buy the Big Mac?  Please help.  Any advice would be gladly appreciated.

Thats about it for now. I must get back to work.  I hope some of you will be able to provide any insight you may have regarding my hamburger dilemma.

I’m not sure if I sign off or anything, so I think I will since its my first post…

Love from Minneapolis–Sarah Bennett


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  1. stephoh says:

    I say: get the burger, cut it in half, throw half away immediately and enjoy the rest. Then again, I’m an act-on-impulse type and lack the svelte figure of our other contributors.

  2. Kirsey says:

    I’m pretty much obsessed with cheeseburgers, love them from everywhere including Steph’s back yard BBQ or a Juicy Lucy from Matt’s, so I’m biased. But I say go for the burger. Maybe start with a regular cheeseburger, and if you aren’t quite satisfied, move on to the much larger, much more intimidating Big Mac.

  3. Kari says:

    Burger King has some new little guys – called Burger Shots. Just like tiny sliders. Get one, or a pack of four and share w/ co-workers. You’ll satisfy your craving and not feel like you just housed half a cow 😉

  4. jennymarieanderson says:

    That BK add makes me mad, burger shots are nowhere near as cute as puppies… and girls don’t confuse puppies with hamburgers!

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