☞ This post may be a bit self obsessed, but there are some small things in life that make me smile and love life more, so I just had to share.  Please read on and discover an unbiased list of the best stuff in the world. Many of the items you have heard of and already love.  You might find something new or you may think they’re just batty and cuckoo!  Either way, please share your take on the subjects and/or your own favorites. ✍  

  1. KOMBUCHA TEA  kombucha www.GTSkombucha.com

    Technically, this is called “Synergy Kombucha (kom-BOO-cha) Tea”.  It’s a mushroom tea that has all sorts of good ingredients for your body.  You’ve heard of coffee?? Well this shit kicks coffee’s ass.  It’s an awesome uplifter and you don’t feel depressed when it starts to wear off or get the crabby, give-me-some-more-coffee-dammit, syndrome.  A few of the benefits… helps aid digestion, metabolism, immune system and cell integrity, just to name a few.  WARNING: they have 2 kind of weird qualities that you’ll have to get over: 1) There are chunks of fermented “bouch” inside.  (Sorry, I’ve started to call it ‘bouch’ and can’t stop).  The chunks are the good part! Like a fine wine!  So don’t worry.  2)  The flavor is very acidic so you’ll want to start out with a sweeter tasting bouch, like Passionberry Bliss or Trilogy.  Divine Grape is also a fav.

    You can purchase one at Whole Foods (my favorite flavor to date is Guava Godess).  Note: if you buy a whole case at whole foods, you get a discount.  (In Colorado you can get them at Vitamin Cottage for $2.37).  So enjoy the magic feeling of bouch!  I am pretty sure you’ll want one everyday, but don’t overindulge.  I don’t think more than one a day would be good for you.


    I realize this one needs some explaining.  You know when you get a knot in your back you can’t reach and no one can “get it” just right?  Well my friends, this combination will have you rubbing up against the wall all day long.  Ok, not really, but it feels amazing!  

    What you will need: a tennis ball and an old tube sock (At least a foot long).  Sorry for the pun, so lame, I know.  Put the tennis ball in the sock, sliding it all of the way up to the toes.  You’re done!  Now find a wall you can lean your back up against in a standing position.  The idea here is that the ball is going to massage your knots of your back.  So sling the sock with the tennis ball in it behind you (holding onto the tube part of the sock), approximate where your knot is, lining up the ball in between you and the wall.  Now use your weight to lean your back against the ball (and the wall).  To make it feel really good, go up and down and side to side while putting your weight against the ball.  Work out those knots!  God I love this one.

  3. “LOST”  lost! www.abc.com

    I’m sure everyone knows about LOST and I will not be surprised if many of you have found it to be the video-crack that it is.  I usually think TV is just okay or so-so (but I also get hooked into reality shows Kari, they are also video-crack).  I call it crack in a loving way, because it’s just so good.  And ADDICTING!  If you love the feeling of saying, “ok, I’m just going to watch one more” and then hitting next on the DVD player uncontrollably, then you have to start watching LOST.  If you’ve seen an episode (besides the pilot), and saw a polar bear and people talking about “others”, then you probably thought it was a stupid, stupid show.  IT ISN’T.  

    Please trust me and start with the Pilot and season 1.  After about hmmm, three or four episodes, you may forget the purpose of sleep.  There’s already been 4 seasons which means that if you are just starting now, you lucky b**tch, you don’t have to wait for new episodes to air like a crack fiend.  You can watch them online for free at abc.com.  

  4. DANSKO SHOESdansko_marcelle_big_redwww.dansko.com

    These shoes are not really cute, they aren’t fashionable and they don’t make you look sexy.  But they are the most comfortable shoes in the whole world and are truly good for your spine!  If you work on your feet (and even if you don’t but you’re just having a bad foot day), these can make your world better. Working at the chiropractic clinic, I was on my feet for 12 hours sometimes and at the end of the day, my feet didn’t hurt!  Weird.  In the past, while wearing uncomfortable shoes, I’ve hated the world and magically stopped as soon as the shoes left my feet.  It’s amazing how some really ugly shoes can make everything better ☺.  

  5. THE BEST N/A DRINK, EVA! (Besides “bouch”, which is not served in bars except for at the Slow Down in Omaha, NE)

    I’ve mentioned before that I don’t drink.  I used to pound Diet Cokes and Red Bulls at the bar, but the problem with that was lying in my bed until 6am and then suffering a whole new kind of hangover.  I found the mecca of Non-alcoholic drinks.  But it doesn’t have a name!  (Or at least I haven’t learned it yet). The order: CLUB SODA, CRAN(BERRY), BITTERS AND LIME.  Bitters, which is technically called Angostura aromatic bitters, looks like this: _angostura1 Amazingly, this can help with flatulence and/or an upset stomach!  Yum, so good inbetween drinks too, in case you don’t want to get too pounded.  There is alcohol in the bitters but they just splash it in the drink.  So if you’ve got a novice on your hands, tell them ‘easy on the bitters’.  It’s usually an ingredient in old-fashioned drinks like, well, an old-fashioned.  So you probably won’t find it at your local dive bar, but happy hunting.  If you happen to try it and find that a name comes to you, please tell me!  We could start a revolution.  Right now I currently am calling it “jenny juice”.  Name needed badly!

  6. DURKEE FAMOUS SAUCE   img_20051 

    This spread will change your sandwich life.  It not quite mayo, not quite mustard, but better than the combo of both. Grocery stores tend to get confused when stocking this item, so sometimes it ends up in the vinegar section or somewhere random like that.  But you can usually find it in the mustard section.  It’s tangy deliciousness is best on a BLT, but great on your average turkey sandwich as well.  And if you get really hard core, you can dip chicken in it and just eat it like that! F yeah!  I think the name is pretty cocky, (Famous Sauce), but I love it so the sauce can be as proud as it wants to be.  Sauce on!

  7. HP    img_2010

    This is probably my most passionate fav.  For those who are already HP obsessed (Harry Potter, not Hewlett-Packard), you know how amazing it is to get knee deep in the book and shut out the outside world!  Now, I know that some dismiss the books because they are juvenile and about witches.  Which, I admit sounds like a good case.  But I never fantasized about magic brooms as a kid or liked dressing up as a witch for halloween.  But there’s something about the way J.K. Rowling writes that is so scrumptious.  I know that there are millions of more literary works out there that totally trump “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, but there’s got to be a reason that J.K. is the richest person in the U.K. ( besides the queen, of course.)  

    Book 1 is okay, but then they get better exponentially after that.  Start with the books, then move onto the movies.  They are opening a Harry Potter land in Orlando next year, and I fully plan on attending… Who’s coming with me?!?  The new movie comes out in July and I can’t wait!  It looks pretty scary actually.  I like HP post-puberty, it’s a lot easier to get into and take seriously.  Yes, you heard me, I like to take witches and wizards seriously.  I realize that with this entry into my favorites, I have lost a few of you, but after all we’re just silly muggles!

    Here’s the trailer for the new movie my HP buddies:

  8. TORO, THE FATTY TUNAfattytuna

    Mmmm, sushi.

    I don’t know about you, but when I order sushi, I just order random words like “tako, ubi, unagi” and don’t know what the hell I’m getting.  I love it all.  But there is one that stands out above all the rest: it’s the fatty tuna, “toro”.  It’s as smooth as butter and has such an amazing delicate flavor and texture.  It’s usually a bit more expensive than the others though, so buyer beware.  You are all probably better pros with sushi than am I, but incase you hadn’t tried the Toro, I thought I’d throw it out there.  Yum yum.

  9. TEMPURRRRRPEDIC PILLOW  tempurpedic pillow

    When I moved to Denver, for some reason I cannot explain I didn’t bring my Tempurpedic pillow with me.  What was I thinking?!  I went through three regular pillows, just hoping they would be the same, until finally giving up and giving in and getting my awesome pillow back.  It’s so comfy!  See the guy in the pic?  He’s SO comfy! It supports and curves your neck according to your head weight (not every head weighths eight pounthds!).  It’s really really hard feeling compared to regular pillows, but you easily adapt.  And if an intruder enters your home, you could beat the living crap out of them with your pillow!  I’m not trying to sell you this thing, (like the lady from the ad jumping on the bed with a glass of wine unmoving on the other side of the bed) I just want you to sleep well!  I got mine at Brookstone.


    Kirst, you inspired me from your comment to Steph’s V-day mix.  (Which is awesome, by the way! I have it on repeat.  I love mixes that aren’t all the same genre but somehow the sound is cohesive and spans decades).  Kirst wanted to hear Lady Gaga on the mix, so here is the video.  Please listen to it loud.  This jam is one of those songs that makes me feel so invincible and awesome while driving in the car.  I think the lyrics are ridiculous as well as the video.  It reminds me of all the reasons I miss drinking, at the same time reminding me why I don’t!  I listen to this song once a day and am afraid of burning it out.  I hate when that happens.  P.S.  I lost more cell phones, car keys, purses, jackets than any 1 drunk person should.  I can look back at that and laugh now, and this is my anthem:


    • Best Reuben: CECILS in St. Paul, MN ~ I have been going to this tiny Jewish deli since I was a kid and have been able to eat this huge reuben bigger than my head since then.  It’s crispy, fresh and juicy and comes with crinkle fries!  Please go there not for the ambience (there isn’t any), but just to undertake the best reuben of your life.  I am not exaggerating.  Please order the russian reuben with crinkle fries, cole slaw and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda.  It won’t disappoint.  mapdata       

    • 651 Cleveland Ave St Paul, MN 55116 (651) 698-0334

    • Best Thai: CHADA THAI in Denver, CO ~ Jimmy (my mans) showed me this place and I go once a week and order the same thing everytime: Thai Curry – Veggie with Tofu.  The sauce was made by angels.  I know most of you aren’t in the Denver area, but if you are, YOU HAVE TO GO TO CHADA THAI.  The reason it’s so amazing is because this tiny, older beautiful asian lady cooks the food and never, EVER, stops smiling.  I think she injects her smile into the sauce.  Supposedly, Chada Thai was the first Thai restaurant in the U.S. and then she retired, and then came out of retirement, back to make more awesome Thai!  I don’t know if I believe it, but I like it anyway.

    • 2005 E 17th Ave

      Denver, CO 80206

      (303) 320-8582


  12. NOTHING LIKE A GOOD YOUTUBE FOR A LAUGH ~ hope these make you laugh, here are some of my favorites… I have to warn you that I like cats (because I have one) so some of these are cat related.  Don’t knock it ’til you try it!           And of course:



3 responses »

  1. stephoh says:

    jenny, wow. you never cease to amaze. and of course, like the similar ninja google home pages, i have a lot of similar favorites.

    i love bitters too! it’s really popular in nz, with ginger ale.

    there are two youtubes i’d add to your list, one that i can’t, because it now needs a password, which may give you an indication of how effing funny it was

    the other is just grade a weird

  2. Kirsey says:

    Oh boy Jen…this is one truly amazing post. It took me a couple of days to get through it, but man, was it worth it, right up to that woman falling out of her grape bucket, HA-are you kidding me…I WANT MY MAMA!

  3. ebats says:

    oh man… I so totally, totally hear you on the HP front. i have an alarming crush on daniel radcliffe that makes me feel, frankly, a little dirty when i go to see the films. i try very hard to block out the fact that i was eating fruit rollups and playing four square on the playground when he was BORN.
    and, hi, absolutely no judgment from me on the whole ‘juvenile’ books front. Twilight and HP and a number of other books hold prime real estate on my bookshelf. In fact, the only novels I read lately are of the young adult category, whatever that means.
    Let me know if you want some sweet YA-series recommendations. Nothing so good as HP, of course, but I doubt we can expect something quite so satisfying and deeply imagined again in our lifetimes.

    and finally: DANSKOS. holy shit, i love mine. and care not that they make me a little too in-step with my librarian mother’s fashion sense. they are way to comfortable for me to judge them, ever.

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