Hey there various girls of fabulousness. I’m quite pleased to be invited into this ongoing conversation by the illustrious Miss Steph, who I may or may not be attempting to re-christen ‘Stephtacular’ (thoughts?).

I had planned to do a little follow-up intro as my first post, but since the aforementioned Stephtacular did a fine job of that already, and I am pressed to reach a word count at present (writing a novel, and thus have to pretend I have actual deadlines to get anything done), it’ll have to wait.

But what cannot wait is THIS:
Have you seen this? It is like food porn. As Steph mentioned, I have been known to bake a lot. Once, I made a different pie every week for an entire year and fed these pies to other grad students, since, hi, we had no money, and pies are cheap! So pretty much any site that can astound me on the pie front is a much-beloved find.

Taste Spoting isn’t just pie, though. It’s EVERYTHING. Plus, it also kicks ass because it is ALL pictures. I have never understood cookbooks or online recipes without pictures…I mean, really, how do I know I want to eat it if I can’t even see what it looks like? But this site solves all of that. You see something that looks delicious first, and THEN you can choose to look at the recipe (and also the myriad notes from users on said recipe, often with variations or caveats. Very helpful).

So, until I get my wordcount and can post again, it’s great to be here on RockJuice, and enjoy!


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  1. jenny says:

    That is the closest to porn, but not porn, I’ve ever seen. I feel naughty just looking at it. My favorite was “for the science geek food freak – Periodic Table of Cupcakes (baking IS chemistry, after all)”. I hope my goods look as pretty as these when I’m done!

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