In an homage to High Fidelity–one of my Top Five Movies of all time– I present to you my first Top Five.  I would say I’m going to do this weekly, but I am better at sticking to commitments I don’t actually commit to…if that makes any sense.

Top Fives will consist of five things that have captured my imagination / curiosity / unhinged obsessive streak during the previous week and may be items, foodstuffs, songs, movies, workouts, people, books, and various and sundry other phenomena and nouns. Which is all to say…um, ho holds barred; anything goes.

Let us commence!

1. Shearwater – Rook, particularly the 2:18 minute “Century Eyes,” which, despite it’s punk-like length, I listened to on a loop for a good day and a half before plunging into the full album experience and discovered that, holy shit, I was down with every single song.  For a little 7-song preview, check this Playlist out.

2. John Green. In the last week I’ve read three of his books, Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns, all of which were so satisfying and funny I found myself reading whole paragraphs out loud to my empty apartment or bursting into laughter on the treadmill at the gym while reading.  These are technically listed as Young Adult novels, and they’ve won YA literature prizes, but seriously– Green is so sensitive and thoughtful and smart that it hardly matters that his protagonists are, like, 17.    Here’s his website, complete with the YouTube channel that he and his brother made: Brotherhood 2009, which includes this EXEMPLARY VIDEO OF EXTREME AWESOMENESS :

This kicks ass even without the oblique Twilight referece;  I can also recommend the “Punishment” sequence, particularly the Leg Waxing Punishment.  I ❤ you, John Green!

3. Tamilee Webb’s I Want That Body: Abs workout…jesus christ, the Advanced program will destroy your obliques/intercostals.  It is completely awesome.  Sometimes I Netflix workout videos when I feel like my routine needs a lift, which sometimes works and sometimes flops; this one was a home run.  I can hardly breathe, my core is so sore.

4. mediaMarieBelle hot chocolate mixes!

I used to work at this boutique in Newark, Delaware called BLOOM, and we sold a whole complement of MarieBelle chocolates.  I had nearly forgotten about their intense awesomeness till Cherry Alley (the coffeeshop where I spend the greater part of my life plugged into my laptop, typing with a fury that suggests reaching my wordcount is the only way to prevent being shot…) had a Mexican Cuisine night and served the Aztec hot chocolate for dessert…

OMG.  Dark chocolate-and-spicy-chili bliss.  It’s just enough heat to be surprising and really make you notice what you’re tasting, which makes the whole chocolate experience very satisfying. 

5. This one’s for Stephtacular…Reason number 85,769,875,693,187,346 I wish I was Kristen Stewart:

Robert Pattinson.  Especially when he looks like’s he’s up to something.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for anything brain-explodingly pretty.


2 responses »

  1. stephoh says:

    love it!
    i love nerds, always have, total untapped resource by many girls.
    the band’s cool, never heard them before.
    wow. robert patterson is too beautiful.

  2. ebats says:

    i think i need to get a t-shirt that proclaims my nerd-love. it seems worthy of accessorizing. this may become a tactical initiative in Operation Procure Boyfriend Before Turning Thirty.

    i know, right? the google image quest that resulted in that picture nearly gave me an aneurysm…he almost hurts to look at…but i can’t stop!

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