Real Live Cookies?!?

I thought I had photoshop on my new computer but I either do and can’t figure out how to find it or don’t.  Anyway, If I had it, I would circle the “Real Chocolate Chip Cookies” section and draw an arrow pointing to the “real” cookie with a FACE and draw something like “WTF?!?” Because, I know I don’t want to eat any real cookies. Like, what does that mean?


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  1. ebats says:

    We clearly have a difference of opinion, since I love eating real chocolate treats with faces. The faces are the best part!

    This is even weirder than the whole ‘real’ milk campaign, which is so ubiquitous as to be ignorable. I mean, real as opposed to what? Fake cookies? Fake milk? Where can I find a fake cookie? Cause I might need to eat one, just so I can be sure I really do like real cookies best.

    Well, second best. Real face cookies = #1.

  2. kirsey says:

    Not sure if you changed our layout and website look, but I like it. It’s almost cleaner and I feel happier signing on for some reason. Anyway, ditto on the cookie thing. I’m not totally sure where Nabisco was going with this one.

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