Girl Crush alert!

Girl Crush alert!

1. Jenny Lewis

How is she so awesome?  It may be one of those unsolvable mysteries of the human race.  If I met her on the street, I think I would embarrass myself by A. having a stroke, B. trying to hump her leg, or the dreaded C., having a stroke while trying to hump her leg.  I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley’s Under the Blacklight on a loop this past week, and I think it might be the best album they have put out to date.  All the countrified work dear Jenny has been doing with the Watson twins on Acid Tongue and Rabbit Fur Coat seems to have crept into her voice, resulting in the loveliest sliding register change* I’ve ever heard.  I mean, I love Patsy Cline and all, but the yodeling slide from chest voice to head voice, while interesting, is a hallmark of someone who can’t really control the transition (LeAnn Rimes’ rendition of Bill Mack’s “Blue, which was written for Cline, isn’t really my favorite for this reason…I think it feels kind of rough and forced, but what do I know?  She’s a bazillionaire now).  Jenny Lewis, however, has some serious control over where her voice breaks, and the transition is incredibly smooth.  I think I may be even more enamored of Miss Lewis’ voice at the moment than I am with Neko Case’s, and that is definitely saying something.    *On “Silver Lining” specifically.
Since this week was all Rilo Kiley all the time, this playlist is heavy on Blacklight tracks (plus some old favorites from Take-offs and Landings, and More Adventurous), but I’m working through her solo-ish stuff more lately.  I just have a soft spot for the dirty grind of electric guitars, the slither of zildjian cymbals and the sternum-throbbing thrum of a bassline, which seems to be a bit more of Rilo Kiley’s territory right now, while Jenny’s solo work is skirts the ballad-ish and twangy.

My new boyfriend, Whats-his-name.

2. Skinny Guys  Another iteration of my unending attraction to the Pale and Scary?  Maybe so.  I have been teased mercilessly by most of my girlfriends over my thing for Skinny Guys.  I spent a lot of time with very, very thin boys in high school– a consequence of being on a rowing team with a really great lightweight men’s team– and I’m pretty sure this somehow shorted out the Hotness-Seeking circuits in my brain.  The first person I fell in love with was 6’3” 143 pounds with rocks in his pockets (ridiculously below lightweight classification, which is 155-165 for men), and ever since that first disastrous experience, I find myself fairly exclusively attracted to hollow-looking dudes who need to be fed.  Like, immediately. 

I’ve mostly given up asking “WTF?” on this front.  I mean, I’m sure there are studies out there that could scientifically parse my immoderate love for Skinny Guys, but why reduce Artem Emelianov (the fabulously gorgeous creature pictured above) to a series of graphs?  I just thank Calvin Klein and the attenuating power of the International Runway for fishing him out of obscurity and dressing him in as little as possible.   I offer this up to any among you who might share my weird love of  bones-welling-up-through-skin. 

Anyone?  …anyone?

3. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer   I am on of those unfortunate people who is allergic to the acne treatment du jour, Benzoyl Peroxide.  Most of the clear complexion stuff you can get at the drugstore or even through other distributors, especially on-the-spot stuff, is Benzoyl Peroxide based.  Not good for me, seeing as how my skin freaks out and gets all red and puffy wherever anything containing BP touches it, a phenomenon that aggravates the acne and causes it to retaliate by becoming approximately 983675983765 times worse.  Uncool.  This stuff, however, is a really nice, basic concealer that actually matches my skin and also contains Salicylic Acid, which works pretty well on the whole acne-zap front without, you know, making me look like I have leprosy.  I enjoy it highly.

4. Naturally More Peanut Butter  It has flax seeds in it!  And fiber!  I found it in the pitiful grocery store here in Central PA, which does not even carry Kashi bars, so I figure it is pretty easy to come by.  Check it out.

 5. Slicing up T-shirts.  Did you ever do this to your old tees?  When I was rowing in highschool and college, every tee that crossed my path got the following treatment,  partly because I can’t stand to have tags or collars anywhere near my neck (boatneck stuff is as much as I can generally stand) and having your sleeves bunch up on you while you’re trying to row is annoying.  Also, I guess when you spend all your time in spandex and ratty old tee shirts, a tee shirt with the collar ripped out makes a statement.  My sis and I bought a bunch of little-boy soccer tees at a thrift store awhile ago and I had yet to wear any of them, so I decided to re-teach myself how to customize a tee to my own personal OH GOD NO SEAMS MAY TOUCH ME OR ELSE I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE I COULD SCREAM style (I was also running out of things to wear to the gym, since I hate going to the laundromat).  I figured I’d include pics in case some of you have not experienced the awesomeness of the collarless tee and want to try it for yourself.  Also because I can understand getting a little queasy over taking scissors to a tee you like–fucking up is kind of permanent– and figure a visual couldn’t hurt.


1. Make a notch on either side of the collar w/super-sharp scissors. It's easier if the tee is inside out.


2. Then cut from notch to notch, skimming under the edge of the collar. You can make this scoop as deep/wide as you like.


3. You can cut through both layers of tee or just one, which is what's going on here. If you do both, the back scoop will be really deep, like a dancer's shirt.


4. Flip the collar out so you can make the cut for the back of your new 'collar.'


5. Working notch to notch again, make the cut for the back of the collar shallower than the front. (Unless you're going for the dancer look.)


6. Slice off the sleeves and the bottom hem wherever you like them-- I usually cut the sleeves on an angle.


7. Check out your awesome new-ish tee! Yay!


8. Try not to get too carried away with your new skillz...


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  2. leDeb says:

    The t-shirt tutorial is excellent!

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