Sounds odd, but I love the taste of lemon, in my water.  I’ve made a New Years “If March was January” resolution to drink more water.  Problem is, I can’t stand when water tastes, except if it has lemon in it.  Tap water often times makes me gag after drinking because of the lead/graphite/zinc/acid rain that I feel like I am tasting when I drink it.  I am such a Brita Water Filter snob it really isn’t funny anymore.  Being that my office doesn’t have a large water cooler like it should, they buy the mini waters and store them in the basement.  That is all fine and good but my husband might divorce me if I honetly drank 12 of those a day and put that much plastic back into the earth.  That is why Brita Water Filters are so amazing…you get your fresh, tasteless water, without the pollution, but I feel weird bringing my own Brita to work.

So, what I did on March 1, I bought a couple lemons, cut them into wedges and every morning I put one in my new Camelbak water bottle, fill it with my Brita water, and then throughout the day I continue to fill it with tap water.  It’s amazing how the lemon wedge completely eliminates any bad taste from your water. 

This is the first resolution I have stuck with ever, I am on week 2 and still at 86%!  I feel GREAT, like those people who vow to go to the gym everyday once January hits, and they actually accomplish doing it…for the two weeks. 

I’ll report back next week.camelbak with lemon


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  1. ebats says:

    hey! i tried your trick with an orange rind the other day (ran out of lemons) and it was awesome! i don’t think I have quite as sensitive palate for water as you, but this is a great idea. I definitely wanted to keep drinking that orange-flavored water.

    good luck w/ March=January resolution week 3! 😉

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