Recently, on a trip to the Bahamas, my girlfriends and I decided that the ugliest name for the unborn in the belly amongst us would be Rudith.

No doubt, Rudith, would be a tragedy but this lead me to ponder, WTF is up with celebrity baby names? SERIOUSLY. Ok, so, you have a beautiful, like, REALLY beautiful partner and you, you yourself, are beautiful, you are going to have a gorgeous baby, why the dick do you have to name it something shitty like Pilot Inspektor?  Zuma Nesta Rock? Kal-el?

I mean, really, so you’re better than us (gen. public), I get it, but are you so much better than the rest of the world you can’t even use our names? I like me a good 














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  1. kirsey says:

    That picture of Max is to die for.

  2. ebats says:

    ohhhh, celebrity baby names…
    i admit i like a good odd-ball name here and there (i used to go to bookstores and read all those “One Gagillion Baby Names” tomes as if they were novels), but they kind of have to be reminiscent of normal names, or have some kind of relevant cultural significance for me to really get behind them…
    These pissed me off recently:
    Apple Martin????? ONE LETTER OFF OF APPLE MARTINI, idiot.
    And “Audio Science”? “Brain Surgery”? I read somewhere that these were Shannyn Sossamon’s picks for her kid. Not since Moon Unit Zappa has a child been so abused in the first moments of life.

    also… CUTEST KIDS EVER, who are these angels?

  3. stephoh says:

    these little nuggets are Opitz’s via my brothers. (guest appearance by Old Man Opitz himself in pic with Max)

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