Below are some reasons that I’m super nerdy.  I’ve always known that I was a geek (in a cool way, I’d like to think) but I’ve been pondering what I a weirdo I am lately.  The words in BOLD are me talking to myself/reacting after I write these facts (which is also another example of my nerdiness)

– I ran (okay, jogged at a very easy pace) for 15 minutes straight the other, and am overly proud of myself.  LAME, THAT’S A CAKEWALK EVEN FOR PEOPLE ON THE BIGGEST LOSER (harsh but true).

– I check a Laguna Beach blog everyday.  Yep.  Laguna Beach, MTV show.  THAT SHOW ISN’T EVEN ON ANYMORE, WHAT???

This one is will really bring it home for all the EHS peeps. 

– I recently took on the task of finding all three years of my high school danceline VHS tapes (had to source them from two people since I borrowed mine to someone and they “don’t know where they are anymore” – annoying) and am having them converted to DVDs.  I’M SUCH A LOSER

– I am so amped to show my boyfriend/fiance (feels weird using that word still) these new DVDs.  WHAT A GEEK


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  1. stephoh says:

    after p.swayze, i didn’t think i couldn’t love you more. wow. i think i love you more now. nerds effing rule!

  2. ebats says:

    ahahahaha….oh, the commentary so makes it. i am with you on the highschool moments–> DVDs thing; I tore apart my mother’s house to find the tapes of rowing races for the same purpose. I actually thought to myself, “this is going to be critical viewing for a boyfriend someday…” when I found it. WTF?

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