No, no, not the band, though they are on heavy rotation on the ‘ol iPod (who does give a fuck about an Oxford comma?  …me.  I do).

Nope, this weekend was all about the vampire flicks, starting with the advent of my pre-ordered-in-January copy of the Twilight DVD.  It showed up in the mail on Saturday afternoon and sent me careening through a star-struck, hallucinatory viewing of all bonus materials (super-fun, but not enough making out…though now that I type this, it occurs to me that no amount of making out would ever be enough.  What can I say?  At some point, the emotional-development train abandoned me at Station 17 and hasn’t been back since.).

After this insanity, I went to the gym for a couple hours to calm down (I know, right?) with the blinding, mind-wipe whiteout of the treadmill, and when I got back, another DVD was waiting for me in the mail. This time, it was a Netflix’d copy of the Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, which a friend recommended. Apparently, there was all sorts of buzz about this back in the fall (which I somehow missed– did anyone else hear about it?), and it won all sorts of awards.  Let me tell you, it deserved them.  Not only is the storytelling in this film really finely wrought, but the girl who plays Eli is freaking amazing.  There is no way in hell I could have comprehended the depth she brings to this character when I was her age.

Let the Right One In is definitely a horror flick; there are a couple stomach-turning scenes that are haunting me the way certain X-Files episodes used to crawl under my skin (damn you, Fox Moulder!).  But the gore is incidental to the story rather than the point (not one of those How much red corn syrup can we use in this scene?! movies).

Check the trailer:


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  1. kirsey says:

    Umm, totally missed this hype on this one, but after looking at the trailer I think I know why. I am really not one for horror, I honetly rip the person’s hand next to me off, I really have a hard time being scared. But, due to the vampire element, I think I might be willing to give this film an exception and force my husband to watch it with me. Or Steph and I will watch it together and rip each other’s hair out.

    PS, totally rented Twilight this weekend, going to watch it again tonight before I return it!

  2. stephoh says:

    I hate horror movies. A lot. But, I actually saw “Let the Right One In” (on Christmas Eve with my hearing impaired father who likes subtitles and indie films) and really liked it. It’s not the kind of scarry that I abhor, like Texas Chainsaw Masacre or The Burbs. It’s terrifying, but not in a jumpy way.

    Kirst, I consider it a baby step into the genre as it skirts the psychological thriller arena too, and kind of romance. My brother actually told me to go because I liked Twilight, but believe you me the only things these two movies have in common are fangs and people.

  3. kirsey says:

    I want you to know, I just added this movie to my queue on Blockbuster and they always have a little bubble that popps up with similar movies that says “you also might like…” and guess what popped up…”Satin’s Little Helper.” I’m not sure what you guys are recommending after seeing the cover of SLH, I’ll report back but I am beginning to really believe you Stephy when you mentioned the limited similaries to Twilight.

  4. ash says:

    i (reluctantly) saw Let The Right One In at the theatre… and i say reluctantly because seeing any movie that is even remotely scary causes my already overactive imagination to go completely ape-shit, which results in me being terrified of absolutely everything for about two weeks (because whatever happened in the movie could obviously happen to me at any second and result in my slow, painful death).

    but yeah, i am so glad i went, cause this movie is effing AMAZING. i want to see it again, i want to own it, i want to somehow inhabit its genius. i may or may not want to actually be a vampire.

    p.s. i never felt scared… in case you’re thinking about seeing it but don’t want to be scared. it’s a little gruesome, but as steph said, not scary like you’re thinking of a scary movie where it makes you jump.

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