I admit it, I’m a facebook junkie. But my guess is most of us are.  I check it a minimum of 20 times per day, and usually look at all of my friends’ pages to make sure I know what’s up with them/mildly stalk them.   Lame, I know, but whatevs. 

Even though my addiction to facebook has lots of love behind it, there are a few things that bug the crap out of me.  Here goes:

1.) Pictures of your kids as your profile pic.  I get it, kids (especially babies) are super cute, but if I want to see what your kid looks like, I’ll click on your page and look at your photos.  I added you as a friend because I want to see YOUR face. 

2.) Constant status updates – and unimportant status updates, at that.  Like, “Johnny is headed to the gym, then home” or “Morgan is at work” or Megan “is thankful that she has the best husband in the world!” (barf on that last one – if you have to update that to the facebook nation, it probably means that your marriage is on the rocks – just sayin’).  Newsflash people, no one cares about your exercise habits or the fact that you’re at work.  Everyone works, everyone goes to the gym, what makes the fact that you do this so extraordinary?  Answer: nothing.  My opinion, status updates should only happen when it’s important, interesting, or just funny.  Case in point – Debbie telling us that her parents are coming into town.  I found that interesting, it is something that I would want to know.  Or when Steph did “She blinded me with science” – I’m sure that had something to do with the Randy Moller clip, and I didn’t know that at the time, but it was still funny. 

3.) TMI on Wall Posts – I have two great examples of this.  I was facebook stalking my fiance (you know, looking at his page, wall posts, that’s not weird, right?) and saw that a classmate of his wrote the following:

“I moved back to NC Oct 2007, a month after I had Aspen. Married life has it’s ups and downs. It’s been 4 1/2 years already! We’ve been separated but always get back together. When are you getting married?”

Ummm, what?  I don’t see why you would write that on someones wall – pretty much saying my marriage sucks 50% of the time – and that person’s wall you just wrote on has 250 friends who can see that post.  Also sad that her kid’s name is Aspen.  Anyway….

Another doozy was when I wrote on the wall of a friend of mine and then what her response was to me.  Here’s the back story.  I was at a concert with her the previous night and she was only a few weeks pregnant and she started bleeding a little bit, she was going to the doctor in the morning, she wasn’t too worried about it, etc.  I wrote on her wall

“I had fun seeing you last night! I hope everything is back on track.”  You know, trying to be sly about the pregnancy thing, hoped the bleeding stopped.  She wrote back on my wall that everything was fine now and that the bleeding was because she had a blood clot in her uterus.  Okay – you could’ve emailed that to me.  And to further prove my point that lots of people see these wall posts, my friend Jenna emailed me about two minutes later and was like, “I didn’t know that Cassie was pregnant – figured it out pretty quick from her facebook post on your wall…”

If you have any facebook gripes, I’d love to hear them…


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  1. redhenpress says:

    omfg, you’re so right about all three!
    1. i really don’t think babies are all that cute anyway. i also don’t like profile photos where there are like 80 people (sorry, jess) b/c what if you haven’t seen the person in a few years? how are you going to be able to tell who it is?

    2. agreed. i also find irony in comments like, “is running,” “is out with the girls,” “is having the best time ever,” really? how can you be doing those things WHILE on facebook?

    3. both instances are mortifying. how about when people give there full address in a post? or, i had once asked a friend if he had any good tips about nz. he took not 1, not 2, but 3 THREE consecutive wall posts to tell me tips. like, fucking a, email me.

  2. stephoh says:

    And, when people use status updates as spoilers for movies, games, and /or reality shows!

  3. ebats says:

    i kind of hate it when people put up dog/cat pics up in same manner as baby pics. i mean, i love puppies. a lot. but just put up an album, kay?

    i can’t think of other annoying things about facebook, though i know for a fact i have shaken my fist at the computer screen many a time.

    maybe all the fucking applications and quizzes. if one more person sends me some pea pod for a green patch or a quiz about the 80s… i don’t have time for this crap! I’m busy stalking my friends to see if their interests have changed in the last 12 hours!

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