Main Characters:

Golden Retreiver:  Princess Caribou Dinamite (Bou for short)

Shit-zoo/peekanese:  Missy Mae Meehan (Missy for short)

Narrators/Commentary:  Kevin and Kirsten Meehan (Ted and Kirst for short)

Plot:  Bou and Missy may not look like they have much in common, but they are kidred spirits!  Bou thinks she is a 15 lb. shit-zoo and Missy thinks she is a 60 lb. golden.  When playing together, everything works out perfect because Bou has no idea the impact of her large limbs on a smaller dog, but Missy thinks she is as strong and large as Bou.  I get to referee these fierce competitors this weekend and the following, I’m pretty pumped about it.  Funniest part, when Missy gets tired of playing, she runs over to the couch, jumps on it like it’s the “safe zone,” and Bou will wait over on the rug for when Missy is ready again to play!  They have a mutual understanding of the “safe zone,” why wouldn’t they?

Also, I thought Stephy would like to see Bou in action.


3 responses »

  1. redhenpress says:

    BOOOOUUUUU!!!! My little girl! I miss you her so much!

  2. stephoh says:

    um, that was me, red hen is starting a blog and i was signed in. lo siento.

  3. ebats says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHoledghioqvtgibufliwcbfvbw <– brain explodes.

    best. dogs. ever!

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