Was just perusing my favorite pop culture/celeb gossip site, PopSugar, and saw a pic of Madonna – who is attempting to adopt a little girl from Malawi, yet the adotpion has been delayed – and she was with her oldest child, Lourdes.  OMG – she is gonna be so beautiful when she grows up!  I mean, she already is beautiful (except some photos of her show-off the serious eyebrow action she has going on, but that can easily be fixed). 


She’s really gonna give Shiloh Jolie-Pitt a run for her money… granted there’s a huge age difference, but you’re picking up what I’m puttin’ down. 

Lourdes - she the pretty one on the right...

Lourdes - she the pretty one on the right...


3 responses »

  1. ebats says:

    woah. way to make me have impure thoughts on a tues morning, dude…
    she’s way hot.

  2. leDeb says:

    You know she’s going to grow up and create some wickedly hot fashion line. She’s so much cooler than her mom.

  3. ebats says:

    i think you’re totally right. i should start saving up so i don’t bankrupt myself on whatever she shills when she hits the big time.

    i am totally projecting all manner of traits onto her now: like, oooh, she’s all sweet and quiet, on the brink of dark and smoldery. madge was always too in-ya-face for me, but i am now all girl-crushed on her kid!

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