For those of you who love Dooce*: about a millennium ago, she posted a link to Subversive Cross Stitch, which just about made my brain explode with adoration.  I mean, who would have thought there was another person in the world who appreciated little hand-stitched, 30s-era samplers with such foul-mouthed gems of wisdom as this?:

whoreIt reminds me so much of my dear departed grandmother–whose house looked like a tea cozy/craft explosion and who also called my teachers lazy whores for giving me homework, when, if they did their damn jobs, I would know everything before leaving school (wtf, Gram?)– that I choke up as I read little quips like “Don’t Make Me Cut You!” and “Get Out My House, Bitch” all adorned with rows of little duckies and hearts and flowers.

  • Incidentally, the cover of Dooce’s new book, It Sucked and Then I Cried, was actually done by the Subversive Cross Stitch diva, Julie Jackson, a little known fact that I somehow missed plastered all over the internet.  When I saw the cover, I was all, “aww…that looks a little like…”  Duh.

ANYWAY, I thought I’d share another guerilla craftswoman I fell in love with a couple years ago:  Nicole Locher of  Locher’s.  She’s an adorable Swiss girl who lives in Paris and designs embellished clothing with hand-stitched, turn-of-the-century embroidery motifs that her grandmother taught her…only instead of forget-me-nots and little birdies trailing slender curls of ribbon, she embroiders forget-me-nots and little birdies trailing slender curls of ribbon with maxims like:

Cute Little Fuckers, I really need a fucking coffee, and my personal favorite, Boys. She also designs jewelry– sweet, delicate lockets that say things like tell me you love me, strung right next to a tiny, glinting MEAT CLEAVER CHARM.

Oh. My. God.


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  1. leDeb says:

    I would wear all of those shirts. Also, do you think the freckles on the model are real? Just curious.

  2. stephoh says:

    I think the freckles are real, mostly based on your freckles though. I mean, you guys are, like, freckle twins. Do people ask if yours are fake? Is that why you’re asking?

    Also, dittos on the shirts, so cute!

  3. ebats says:

    yah, I think the freckles are real… Locher’s used this model chick for several seasons and she is always freckled like that. seems like it would have been a lot of effort to do those wicked, naughty-schoolgirl freckles for successive photo shoots when you can just find some cutie with real wicked naughty-schoolgirl freckles.

    i wish i had money. i would so buy every shirt they sell and then wear them every day and keep a notebook to record how many people realized I was wearing embroidered profanity. maybe i could get a grant for such research… 😉

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