Okay, okay, ohhhhh-kay. We have a problem. Well, I have a problem. I saw 17 Again last night. You know the one starring Zac Efron and some other people? Well. I spent the entire 102 minutes wiping drool from my chin. The kid is hot. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that I spend the rest of the night calculating at what age it would be appropriate for us to start dating and then get married.

In my head, I’m thinking – he’s 21 now and he’ll need a few years to get a few things out of his system. Eventually he’ll realize that Vanessa is holding him back and they’ll break up. So by the time he turns 27, I’ll be…ahem…older, but not Demi to Ashton old, and then we’ll date for a few years and have a small, private wedding and that will be that.

Sure, he probably won’t let me touch his hair and I’ll have to get over the fact it takes him longer to get ready and that he dresses better that I do, but we can work that out, right? To make matters worse, he is represented by the PR firm my good friend works at and she knows his people. It’s not strategically impossible for me to meet him at some point. THIS is what I am thinking about last night.

There are three million different roads I could take in explaining, socially, culturally, and psychoanalytically, why I am devoting time to these thoughts. Instead, I’m going to leave it. But not without a plug for the movie. It’s actually good. Zac Efron is really good. Leslie Mann is adorable and TOM LENNON steals the show. I laughed throughout the entire movie. It’s not genius, it’s a Hollywood standard, but it’s done well. See it if you feel like blushing.


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  1. ash says:

    i’m so glad i’m not the only one with (possibly very) impure thoughts in my head as i drive past the millions of ’17 again’ billboards around town.

  2. ash says:

    actually, technically your thoughts are quite pure since you’ll be dating properly and getting married and all. dearest ledeb, my apologies for projecting my own depraved set of morals onto you (which i shall decline to elaborate upon as far as hottie mc-hotterson goes because the internet will judge me).

  3. leDeb says:

    Ha ha Ashley!! Too funny. Don’t worry, even if the internet judges you, I won’t.

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