*Apparently the term ‘foodie’ has become old hat, but what the hell am I supposed to replace it with, I wonder?  GourmandEpicurean?  Um…no and NO. 

Okay. This may shock you… but…I’ve never actually had real sushi. (I’m pretty sure shitty California rolls from the grocery store do NOT count, am I right?). I feel somehow inadequate and incomplete in light of this fact. I think I would like sushi! And sushi might like me! I mean, it’s so pretty:

am i not beautiful?  why dost thou scorn me?
am i not beautiful? why dost thou scorn me?

I had just about the WORST week in the history of weeks.  April can pretty much suck it as far as I am concerned; for the next three weeks, I am pretending that it is pre-May.  Not April.

But in the mean time, I’ve decided to draw up a list of things I haven’t tried yet (with the intent of actually doing them!) and scheduling fun, distracting activities to do to take my mind off of the bleak, soon-to-be-jobless shit-show that is my life.  I’m slated to go back to Pittsburgh next week to participate in the half-baked Catholic/mostly-heathen Betsy Ann chocolate extravaganza that is Easter 2009 with my batshit crazy family, and I’m thinking I will skip downtown one night with my Pittsburgh girls to indulge in a little sushification. 

Since I am a complete neophyte in this arena, this is a shout-out to all you lovely cosmopolitan ladies:  any recommendations?  Anything you would avoid?  Any stories about your first sushi experience (sounds a little dirty, doesn’t it?)?  I couldn’t tell you what a single thing in that picture actually is;  hopefully I’ll be able to give you an update on Operation Sushi next week!


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  1. Kari says:

    A big don’t is the Salmon Skin Roll. Ish. Personal fave is Negihama (yellowtail and scallions), and pretty much Spicy [insert type of fish here]. Enjoy!

  2. leDeb says:

    I am not a very saavy sushi eater. I agree with Kari 100% about Spicy anything. Mainly, there is a difference between sushi and sashimi…being that sashimi is simply a slice of fish with nothin’ else. Know that and you are golden. It took me a few tries to like it…it’s a texture thing.

    Mmmmmm. Maybe I should have sushi for dinner. 🙂

  3. stephoh says:

    In your picture of sush (we’re old friends) front and center, is the no-no of all no-no’s, Uni, aka sac’de sea urchin. It tastes, no exaggeration, like briney ass.

    If money isn’t an issue, ask for the fatty tuna (either sashimi or sushi- I’m a sashimi girl myself). Sit at the sushi bar, buy the sushi chef a beer, tell him what you don’t like and tell him to help you order.

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