Yep – I like Nickelback.  I admit it.  Feels good to declare it, actually. 

For years I tried to ignore it.  I would be driving and listening to the radio and subconsciously singing along to whatever song was playing – I’d always jerk out of driving/singing coma when I realized I had sang 3/4 of the current Nickelback song and immediately switch the radio station – and then say out loud (I’m alone in the car, mind you), ‘Why was I listening to that?’, like I was disgusted with myself.

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

After years of it chipping away at me, I’ve now completely given in.  I do not change the radio station anymore when Chad Kroeger starts crooning out Photograph or Rockstar.  I do not make fun of his was permed/now flat-ironed hair.  And although Nickelback is any music critic’s most hated band of the decade, they can’t argue with the fact that they just keep putting out hits.

So, to really solidify my fan club status, I went to the concert last night…. and it was AWESOME.  Read the review here.   Knew 90% (maybe more) of the songs and I’ve never even bought a Nickelback album.  That really says something about their radio playability (just made up that word, I think).  Plus, they were great showmen – engaging, funny, chatting with the crowd.  And, my personal fave, there were a ton of pyrotechnics.  Not sure if there is anything I love more in this world than pyrotechnics.  Seriously.

There you have it.  Not only do I like Nickelback, but I’m a huge Nickelback fan.  And proud of it. 


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  1. leDeb says:

    This. Is. Amazing. I remember those days of denial. I’m glad you’ve come to terms with this.

  2. ebats says:

    oh, kari. big hearts. i totally went through a similar bout of self-editing over crappy scifi/fantasy books versus “literature,” screamy teen angst-rock versus “music,” etc etc.

    but seriously? who am i kidding? my heart is capacious! I have enough love for both Matchbook Romance AND The Decemberists! I can love both Wide Sargasso Sea AND Twilight! I felt so awesome once I realized that!

    and you’re totally right– pyrotechnics are AWESOME in every genre. there is not much I can think of that would not be improved by something being lit on fire and exploding in the near vicinity.


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