Thanks to all of your warnings and recommendations, I had a fantastic sushi experience a couple weekends ago when I visited Pittsburgh. My friend Lauren took me to her favorite TINY (like seven tables, seriously) family-owned sushi place and ordered a selection of her faves plus a few of the recommendations I got here on RockJuice, and in this way, I avoided all instances of ‘briny ass’ sea urchin and fell in desperate love with the yellow tail and all things Spicy. Thanks, girls!
A series of (mostly blurry) photos documenting my sushification:


3 responses »

  1. Kari says:

    Yea for Yellowtail!!!!!

  2. renée says:

    my all-time favorite thing EVER is salmon sushi. oh my god it’s so amazing in my mouth. i kid you not, raw salmon is the number 1 reason why i am a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish.

  3. kirsey says:

    For someone new to sushi, first timer and all, I’d have to say, you are really ballsy. The actual sashimi (raw fish sitting on rice) is a very big step for a first timer, it’s not something that I often dive into, I stick with the rolls. Glad you got the spicy tuna, that’s my favorite! You’ll be hooked now!

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