I have a shit-zoo named MissyNew Years 014, as you all probably know. She is notorious for getting dirty, but her recent stunt even gave me a very good chuckle. She loves water and often jumps into Lake Harriet from platforms that say “Absolutely No Swimming,” I try to drag her out by her collar and leash, meanwhile many toubled onlookers consider calling the animal abuse hotline when in fact I’m pretty obsessed with her and would never hurt her…intentionally. She has had a couple of bad rolls, three that I can recall without much thought. She rolled in her own poop once, made herself a beautiful little poop collar, that was special. I had to wear my old pair of nose plugs (from when I went underwater and didn’t know how to blow out) and my kitchen dish gloves when I washed her off. We got through it, but the recovery was a process.

Another bad roll was up north at a cabin when she went rolling in the sand and fish guts after a particularly cute haircut, not sure what the beautician was thinking when they put those Miss bows in her hair. I had to cut them out at the rubber band so she had two large chunks of ear hair missing, but we got through that too.


This last roll however, was certainly a doozy. We recently got a new stained patio in our back yard. It turned out really lovely, but we didn’t think about the effects it might have on our dog. After the cement is stained, they power wash the stain powder off of the top, then they seal it, leaving particles of colored dust all over the place. This normally wouldn’t be an issue, but we don’t own a normal dog. The little Miss-demeanor decided to go for a good ole fashioned roll, and rolled herself into a new crisp brown. messy face

We will get over it but we’re not over it yet. The best part is, the chalky material doesn’t really wash out, so we are punishing her by not giving her a haircut, shame on you MISSY.


2 responses »

  1. ebats says:

    ahahahah, oh shit. it’s a good thing she is so cute (and rumbles so hilariously with huge dogs..) cause otherwise, OMG i’d kick her furry behind! xo

  2. stephoh says:

    Oh my gosh! She did the revese Michael Jackson. Ha ha ha

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