Kermit said it best.

I have a hard time doing a lot of seemingly obvious “green” type things, like, take bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store, use rags instead of paper towels, reuse take out containers, and so on.  I don’t know, I mean, I care about the earth and stuff. But some things are just hard for this lazy girl to remember. I’ve kind of helped my workplace get more green, but it’s totally a money saving iniative first and foremost, so I can’t wit hgood conscious actually count it.

However, my boyfriend (via his borther) has brought something into my life that has totally changed my life and makes me look like one bad green muthafucka.  Welcome to the Soda Club, ladies.

This SOB makes carbonated water out of tap water in reuseable water bottles!!!!!

I am a fizzy water addict and was wasting tons of money and glass and/or plastic buying carbonated water every day.  With this machine I make tasty carbonated water every morning at my house, with my tap water. You have to use the special water bottles they provide, so there’s really no excuse for not reusing.  It’s all pretty amazing acutally.  The downside, it’s pricey. But (ignore for one second that Sasha’s brother bought this for me) if you drink a lot of carbonated water anyway, it’ll pay for itself within a year, plus now you can drink more carbonated water because it’s at your house just waiting for you.

I’m in love.


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