Q: “You’re not my brother. You’re just some git I met once.”

A1: Four Weddings and a Funeral.

_96637_four_weddings_and_a_funeral_poster_300Said [well, signed; the character’s deaf] by David to Charlie when Charlie is late to an important meeting because he was busy being a jackass & chasing some soon-to-be-married chick.  Again.

A2: BEST MOVIE EVER.  Okay, so it gets bogged down in the monumentally talentless Andie MacDowell.  But it ultimately manages to overcome the nothing-but-a-pretty-face and achieve total awesomeness!  I mean, come on— the first line of the movie is “Fuck!”  How can you not get behind that?  When I first saw it at 12; I laughed myself silly.  Plus, it stands up to obsessive re-watching on a level only matched by The Princess Bride and High Fidelity.

A3: Replace ‘brother’ with ‘sister,’ and this is a recipe for my day.  I know, I know– I’m whining.  But my sister is getting married today– the last wedding of the Summer of Endless Weddings– and unfortunately, I have no delusions about this being a happy send-off.  Do not be alarmed if you start seeing news reports about a giant mushroom cloud over Western Pennsylvania this afternoon at around 3pm Eastern Time.

May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spigot help us all.


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  1. leDeb says:

    Mike Newell!! Just watched Donnie Brasco for the first time in years. I will now revisit this lovely gem of a film…and do my best to ignore Andie McAnnoying.

  2. Kirsey says:

    Congrats to your sis, even though I am gaining the perception that this isn’t the most joyful of days (or maybe unions). Anyway, I always loved this movie but hated so much that Andie McDowell was the love interest, she is just plain odd as a casting choice. Haven’t seen it in years for that exact reason, but am intruiged to rewatch being it sits high with Princess Bride AND High Fidelity.

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