I have no ambition for doing this myself, but would be glad to collaborate.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City (formally known as Saigon), Vietnam.

Time of day: Afternoon

Main character: Steph

Premise: Steph walks into a Vietnamese institute for the blind for a massage, is aggressively lead to “lady room” table, undresses, lays face in table hole for head, sees large millipede walking under table, hears Vietnamese women yelling, feels hands grab her feet in an attempt to find how her body is laying.


You do the rest.


(did I mention in my bio I startle easily?)


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  1. ashkoh says:

    I’m really impressed (and relieved) that your heart kept beating after the part about the millipede, cause, no way mine would’ve. If there is one thing on God’s green earth I can’t handle, it’s creepy crawlies– I still can’t watch the scene in Temple of Doom where she gets covered in bugs in the cave. Horrifying indeed!

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