I’m just going to put it all out here. I am a secretive person. Not in an evil or diabolical kind of way, but secretive in the sense that I never share my embarrassments (and I have a few) until now.

One thing I am very proud of is my impeccable driving record for the past 11 years and some odd days. Knock on wood: two speeding tickets to date, one accident that was not my fault and one that was. So I am embarrassed to say that…I hit a bus. I hit a bus with a U-Haul moving truck. Right there on Wilshire Blvd. on a busy Saturday morning in May. I bring this up now because after two months of nothing, I find myself facing a $1,171.90 bill for damages. Mind you, all I did was knock the protective casing off of the rearview mirror. The plastic part. Thaaaaat’s all. Thank goodness nothing happened to the moving truck because I did not purchase insurance on that vehicle. (Because I’m such a good driver.)

Apparently they had to replace the ENTIRE mirror apparatus and paint it (one gallon of Rapid Red paint costs $236.95…glossy!). I am currently asking my insurance company if we can go halfsies so it doesn’t impact my record. (And no, they don’t do this unless the damage is done to your vehicle, fyi.)

I laugh at my misfortune…mainly because the Metro area surveyor of bus accidents told me that most people just drive away and nothing ever happens. She also told me that this was SO minor that they wouldn’t charge me. Liar. And it’s not like I can ask around for a quote. I don’t think my Ford dealer does rapid transit busses.

Lesson learned: U-Haul side mirrors are indestructible. Hire movers.


2 responses »

  1. stephoh says:

    this still makes me giggle. i loved you and that uhaul, it was so girl power!

  2. ashkoh says:

    if it makes you feel any better, my premium just DOUBLED cause the insurance companies decided that it was all my fault that some dude and myself both decided to change into the same lane at the same time. insanity!

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