I signed in to Facebook the other day, and in the little “suggestions” area to the right, Facebook suggested to me that I might possibly know and want to be friends with MY MOM.

Inquiring minds needs to know:

Have you, or would you, friend your mom?


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  1. stephoh says:

    I avoided my dad for a long time. Then I found out he and Sasha were already friends so….at that point I went for it. But, I block the shit out of people that are work related and/or distant relatives so, I say, feel free to block Mrs. O as much as you can and friend her because it’s inevitable.

  2. renée says:

    although my own mother doesn’t even know what facebook is, i recently faced this dilemma when my boyfriend’s mother (and 13-year-old sister!) tried to friend each of us. faced with the choice of having to either “reject” them or censor my facebook self, i ended up making an alternate facebook page for me and my boyfriend that we pretty much just have for family members.

  3. leDeb says:

    Also consider creating (if you haven’t already) a limited profile…just in case you don’t want your mom to see EVERYTHING.

    I’m friends with my dad and apparently my mom just joined, but I’m waiting for her to friend me.

  4. ebats says:

    I agree with Deb–
    I made a limited profile for all my work contacts, and it ended up being really useful for other people too– for example: people I met once in highschool and don’t mind accepting friend requests from, but, you know, don’t really KNOW, and therefore don’t feel the need to have them see all kinds of drunken pictures, etc.

    It’s not hard to do, and once you make a limited profile, the option to add someone to the Limited Profile list pops up when you accept their friend request. Plus, when you are making the profile, you can click on a button called “view how this user sees my profile” and get a sense of how much is visible and whether you want to add or subtract something.

  5. Kari says:

    Can someone please explain how to create the limited profile??? need to get on that train.

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