Is it any surprise to ANYONE that I’ve gotten myself hooked on TrueBlood? I was doomed the moment the opening credits began reeling off a sick catalogue of artfully spliced and time-lapsed images* to the dirty grind of Jace** Everett’s Bad Things:

*The lovely skin-crawl details here are nothing short of a meticulous inventory of my brain. 

**If that lazy, sternum-throbbing bassline didn’t want to make me do very bad things already, I probably would have had a minor blackout on the merits of the singer’s name alone:  at this point, just mouthing the name Jace elicits a Pavlovian fugue state in me, the reasons for which are legion and documented here.


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  2. leDeb says:


  3. Maux says:

    i completely agree. those opening credits make me want to be nasty….and now i live in louisiana. look out!

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