Of all the perks that come along with my job – the free movie screenings, that big red carpet show thingy and really cool archives– my favorite is the chocolate milk. 

I think my building is the only one that is provided with milk, (2% and non-fat) orange juice, a variety of teas and chocolate milk. The kind that come pre made, which is much better than the “add the Hershey syrup” kind, which doesn’t quite cut it.

Chocolate milk reminds me of elementary school where on Fridays we would have the option of regular milk or chocolate milk during lunch. 25¢ for a little carton of chocolately goodness. I put some in my coffee this morning and it is truly divine.

Chocolate milk also makes me think of “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” by Rufus Wainwright and the movie Chocolat.


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