I think some of us RockJuice ladies just got a shout out from that darling of the internet, Heather B. Armstrong! 

Check out this excerpt from a note she posted today on Dooce.com, titled XOXO, thanking her readers for their support in tough times (especially now, when her family has lost a grandmother):

…I want to thank you, you who come here and read what I write. It is because of you that I was able to help fly out many of the cousins and grandchildren who would otherwise be unable to attend this funeral. And I don’t know how to tell you just how much it means to me and this family. That because of you and you and you, you in Vancouver, and you in Pittsburgh, and you in Edina, Minnesota, because you come here and share the ups and downs of this totally Wackadoo Family, several grandchildren get to come and say goodbye to their Granny. And the magnitude and meaning of that really blows my mind.

OMG!  We are from Pittsburgh!  And Edina!  AND DOOCE LOVES US!  


I recently sent the lovely Heather B. Armstrong a copy of my book because I couldn’t think of another way to thank her for working so hard and being so funny and candid and generally brain-explodingly awesome except to make a gift of something I had worked really, really hard on. I kind of knew it might never get to her, but I sent it anyway.  It felt like the kind of situation where the gesture itself counts for something in the grand scheme of the universe. 

But now…now I am thinking maaaaaybe, just maybe…the note I sent actually made it though what has to be a truly epic fan-mail pile.  And that maybe, just maybe, that Pittsburgh up there is me. 

Did any of you send Dooce some fan mail recently?  Cause if you did, then WE TOTALLY JUST GOT A SHOUT-OUT!  Score.


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  2. Kirsey says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I didn’t send her any sort of fan mail, but I sent her an e-mail saying my friends and I in Edina MN LOVE YOU! I’m TOTALLY going to pretend that she meant that for us!!! I can’t believe it, that’s so exciting. And she was TOTALLY talking about you from Pittsburg! And I forgot you had a book, Steph was very excited for you to come to MN this weekend so we could all meet you. Unfortunately I’ll be in DENVER, DANG! Best of luck with the book however!

  3. ebats says:

    Dude. Kirs. Dooce loves us! That Edina is totally for you and your girls!

    Aw, crap– I was looking forward to meeting you this weekend. We’ll just have to makes sure to get together when I’m in Mpls again… but have an awesome time in Denver! Take some pics for us so you can tell us all about is when you get back!

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