So ebats Tattoo post went up and I have to say, I’ve been writing a very similar one for some time, but haven’t been able to load the photos. So an extention to her post, hope everyone likes tattoos!!!

I’ve been fascinated by tattoos pretty much since I was in Edina High School. Mind you in high school I was far too large a wimp to consider getting one, but as I continue to get older I continue to realize that not many things in life are FOREVER. So, for the reason many do not get a tattoo, that is the exact reason I now wanted one so badly.

Soon after my husband and I started dating in 2005, we started talking about geting tattoos, or rather, I started talking about wanting to get them!  He was always so opposed to it and we couldn’t decide on the usual hang-ups…what and where? Then his perspective changed a bit.  As I’ve written about previously, two weeks before our wedding my husband’s father passed away from cancer and our whole outlook on life changed. We realized that the things you take for granted, going to movies with your dad or playing golf with him or expecting him to answer his cell phone just because, can simply disappear at any moment. I certainly want my parents to be in my life forever, but know that is impossible. I want to believe that my adoration and respect and obsession for my husband will last forever, but who knows. At any moment he could be taken from me by a car accident or a really hot stripper at Deja Vu, nothing is forever. That is why I decided to get a tattoo.

Now we needed to decide what to get. Some may roll their eyes at this but I am very proud to have been a member of my sorority Delta Gamma. My absolute best friends from college were all members and we all shared an amazing 4 years together. Our symbol is the anchor. To me the anchor means so much more than getting drunk and dressing up as slutty as possible at Halloween to impress the frat guys (which we did, and man were we slutty), but it is a symbol of where I come from and why I am who I am; to never forget to stay anchored in life and in love to family and friends. To have that forever on my body is important to me and I seriously COULD NOT WAIT for it and LOVE it.  Ted also has a connection to the anchor through the Navy, where he joined ROTC for his freshman year at Madison.  Even though he hated pretty much every second of the runs and the torture of a military life, but he did learn a lot of respect for values and the honor it instilled in him. 

Some may think I am crazy, my own sister didn’t even want to see it because she didn’t want to “condone my behavior.”  But I figure, when nothing is forever anymore, isn’t it kind of refreshing to know that you have control over something that is?  Now the only question is, what will be my next one?!?

Pre anchorClose up after 2 days



Hubby after2 weeks after


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  1. leDeb says:

    Kirsey – I love it! And I love all of this tattoo talk!

  2. Kari says:

    I mildly worship tatoos. I have one and have never once regretted it. got it while at EHS. It’s a leopard, on my upper butt cheek (TMI?). I named her Natasha, and she’s always on the prowl.

    I want another one. At least want to touch up Natasha and make her all bright and fierce again. You’ve inspired me! It’ll happen this winter. Promise.

  3. ebats says:

    oh, damn, Kirsey. Those anchors are AMAZING. A friend’s sis recently got something similar on her lower back to commemorate a 6-month study abroad to St. Petersburg, with the city’s name in Cyrillic script, and I loved it when she showed it to me. Something great about mixing a classic Navy-related design like the anchor with something personal– it’s kinda like claiming a great piece of vintage clothing or jewelry for your own!

    Can’t wait to see pics of your next tat!

    oh, and PS– one of my girls from the rowing team in college who sat behind me in the JV8+ was DG! she was fantastic. love her. so, no eye-rolling here. I mean shit, the women’s rowing team was practically a sorority anyway!

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