Yeah. I totally went there. And it was awesome.

I vamped it up like an obsessive-17-year-old for Halloween this year by turning myself into Alice Cullen from Twilight:


Alice Cullen

Never let it be said that I cannot commit to an idea, people.  If there had been a way to make this costume more precise by getting myself turned into a real sparkly vampire, I would have done it.

Yes, I really did go to VampFangs.com and buy gold contacts and Vampyre’s Veil virgin white pressed powder.  (You would not believe the conversation I had with the secretary at my optometrist…)

And yes, I really did hunt down Alice’s velvet ribbon choker with the Cullen crest at the Illuminating Designs Etsy shop

I even dyed my hair black, because making permanent decisions based on temporary situations is a perfectly mature approach to life.  I considered chopping my hair, too, but I spent the summer too annoyed with the bob my stylist gave me in June (cute, but too short to pull it back in a ponytail for the gym, and after 2 years of super-long hair, I’m only now figuring out what to do with it), so I let it alone. 

And you know what?  Being someone else for an evening felt great.  October sucked really hard–what with the never-ending beat-down of a jobsearch in a shitty economy (still no income!) and getting into a could-have-died car wreck that means I have to deal with insurance shit all the time (pass the tranquilizers, please!)–but the instant I put those contacts in and started freaking people out a little,* I could forget some of the grown-up bullshit of the past few weeks and just slip into a beloved character’s skin and pretend… 

And no, the irony of becoming an immortal girl who can see the future and has a vampire boyfriend who is basically hot, boy-shaped Xanax is not lost on me.

I will say that the other pieces of my costume were A. found in my closet, among my normal clothes, or B. purchased because they not only matched Alice but were also things I would totally wear again in a non-Halloween context.  So while I may be a bit insane, at least its leavened by some measure of practicality, right?   Here I am hemming The Goddess’ costume at the Martha-Stewart style party I threw for the girls here in Madison (I found this fitting.  A big party with over-the-top decorations? Very Alice), before we all headed out to various house parties and the annual spectacle of Halloween on State Street:


my version of Alice would be crafty...

 *Okay, so…the contacts were totally terrifying.  The whole evening ended up being a pretty rad social experiment, since I was dressed in clothing anyone might reasonably assumed was my own, and most people didn’t really notice anything amiss till they got close enough to see the eyes.  When they did, though, I got the best doubletakes.  People broke off mid-sentence, blinked rapidly, and leaned in to get a closer look before pulling away with FA-REAKED OUT speed.  It was really fun to see who found the eyes compelling and who was unnerved by them.  Some people–people I didn’t even know– felt the need to strike up conversations with me that involved a lot of eye contact.  Like, unblinking eye contact.  And a few people were so freaked out they had to look away.   It was really fun, subtle, mind-fuck mayhem, and a great way to kick October to the curb!


apparently, this gold color says "I want to eat you." AWESOME.


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  2. leDeb says:

    All of this is amazing. But more than anything, I love your dedication to this costume. It makes me very happy.

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