Back in September, an adorable little antique shop on Willy St. went out of business, and I swooped in like a carrion bird to score a boatload of vintage Shiny Brite and mercury glass Christmas ornaments at 40% off.  Seriously, the way I pillaged the place, I should have been wearing a Viking helmet (and yes, Skaalastic, I know the Vikings did not actually wear helmets…).   I’ve been planning this post with up-to-something glee ever since–in the same crazed way I begin hoarding presents and making elaborate lists months in advance— and now that I’ve decked the halls and cut out a cataclysm of paper snowflakes to adorn my apartment, I’m ready to unveil the leading edge of… 

Christmasplosion 2009  

So. Many. Ornaments! This particular haul actually necessitated the purchase of a new storage container designed specifically for glass ornaments. I know. I'm ridiculous.


The indented ornaments from the 50s and 60s are my favorites. I think because they are made to look beautiful, but broken. I mean, those indentations look like craters!


More weird favorites-- I absolutely love it when mercury glass deteriorates and glass bulbs rust. To me, the fractures just highlight the delicate patterns and color of these ornaments in a way that isn't possible when they're perfect.


Further documentation of the decor here at Chez Crazy coming soon, including more white turtle dove figurines than you can shake a stick at, the silver tea service I gave myself tendonitis polishing the other night, and these ornaments in situ on a 3′ Christmas tree that is currently sporting SEVEN extra strands of lights as part of my ongoing campaign to sap the Madison power grid and make my holiday decorations VISIBLE FROM SPACE. 

Hope all of you are looking forward to the holidays and that you have special people to share them with.  Enjoy!


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  1. skaalastic says:

    Oh, they wore helmets. Just no horns. :c)

    Looking forward to Christmasplosion!

  2. ebats says:

    me too! there can never be enough snowflakes. or cookies.

  3. […] My total views stand at exactly 1,000. There’s something about a round number that’s oddly satisfying.  Maybe that and a maple cream soda will buoy me through two more hours of work before the Christmasplosion. […]

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